About Us

Seasons Online is all about life, arts, creativity and things to do in Perth and Western Australia.

We are passionate about our city and state and all of the exciting things happening within the arts in Perth and WA.

We would like to dispel the myth that Perth is dull and that WA is the Wait Awhile state. We argue that there is a vibrant arts community in Perth and things may be happening ‘out there’ that you may not even know about. That’s where we come in….

The arts can be so beneficial in a community, it can encourage people to think creatively, see outside the box and break down stereotypes. It promotes tolerance and self-expression. This needs to be encouraged in our world and the wider the audience the better.

At Seasons Online we are following our dreams, so we also love hearing stories about other people who are following their dreams and passions and turning those dreams into small businesses and local ventures. There are many creative and colourful people in our state who are living authentic lives and that needs to be celebrated.

Why Seasons?

The notion of the four seasons and the way they affect our lives is a fascinating one. Depending on the time of the year we wear different clothes, eat different foods, do different activities and even drink different wine. They say variety is good for the soul and we say there is nothing better than those first few drops of rain after a long hot summer or those first rays of sun on a face that’s being mostly indoors for three months. 
It has been said (particularly by people from the northern hemisphere) that Australia doesn’t really have 4 seasons. Well we would argue that just because we are not shovelling snow from our driveways or plugging our car radiators into electric heating devices it doesn’t mean that we don’t experience the seasons in our own way. In Australia our seasons are varied enough to keep life interesting but not debilitating enough that we are trapped. We feel lucky to live in a country with weather like that.

The name ‘Seasons’ was also chosen for this arts website as it ties into the notion of the ‘season’ of a theatre show. The theatre is our number one love so it is fitting that our name reflects that.

When we think of the word seasons, we are also reminded of wedding season, Christmas season, silly season, holiday seasons and season’s greetings. These are all fun, happy, special times. Times to be celebrated and enjoyed. And so Seasons Online was born.

Our Editor

Head shot for About Us resizedTania Giorgetta
Tania Giorgetta is the editor and founder of this website. She grew up in country WA and spent her teenage years in Perth; then after a few years travelling the globe she settled back in her home city. She is an enthusiastic advocate and supporter of the arts and through Seasons Online she is aiming to build a warm, creative, informative and exciting space.

Tania’s background is varied and colourful. She has been skipping around this city and planet for the last few decades getting a taste of many different careers, hobbies and interests. She has 4 university degrees and 2 TAFE certificates ranging from a Bachelor of Arts, in theatre arts, creative writing and literature, to a Diploma of Education to Postgraduate Degrees in Marketing and Creative Advertising as well as certificates in Travel and Tourism and Interior Design. There has always been a common glittery thread tying together all Tania’s qualifications, interests and experiences and that is ‘The Arts’. Her passions include writing, photography, theatre, music, art, craft, dance and cooking to name a few.

Tania’s favourite colour is rainbow and her favourite animals are elephants. And unicorns! She is also very interested in all sorts of people and what makes their minds tick…. or more importantly, what makes their souls sing!

Site Ethos

Seasons Online is a positive and creative space. We encourage healthy debate and well thought out opinions but we will not tolerate any attitudes of misogyny, misandry, racism, sexism, homophobia or xenophobia. 
We encourage differences and diversity in the arts and in life. 
We believe this is what makes the world colourful.

If you are a creative soul, please check out our Creative Notebook where you can send in your work to be published.

We also welcome article ideas and submissions. 

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We hope you enjoy Seasons Online and we hope to see you back regularly.