Barry Morgan (photo: Nick Walters)

Barry Morgan’s Home Organ Party Experience

Photos by Nick Walters

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Barry Morgan’s Home Organ Party Experience

Presented by Perth Theatre Trust

5 September 2015
Two shows:   7pm  and  9.30pm

Downstairs at the Maj
His Majesty’s Theatre, Hay St Perth

Barry Morgan (photo: Nick Walters)
Barry Morgan (photo: Nick Walters)


Barry Morgan, who has performed at The Perth Fringe Festival,  is set to once again entertain and thrill Perth audiences next month.

The celebrity organ salesman will perform his current show, The Home Organ Party Experience, Downstairs at the Maj on the 5th of September.

The Home Organ Party Experience is bit like a Tupperware party but with less plastic and a whole lot more organ,” explained Barry.

So what can Perth audiences expect?

“It’s a party. It’s my organ party. It’s your party too! I’ll play the organ you smile along … how can you not?

“There may even be a sing-a-long around the organ. If anyone is interested we could have the organ party at your place! Come along and don’t miss out!”

The safari suit-wearing Barry, well-known for his appearances on ABC TV’s Spicks and Specks, is excited about performing Downstairs at the Maj.

“How can one not look forward to performing downstairs!” he quipped.

Barry Morgan (photo: Nick Walters)
Barry Morgan (photo: Nick Walters)

Barry Morgan,  Australia’s Celebrity organ salesman, is on a personal mission to share and educate audiences about the ‘Joy Of The Organ.

Barry will entertain, amaze and thrill audiences as he demonstrates all there is to know about hosting your very own organ party – in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

Barry will teach you the 5 organ party essentials – home care and maintenance, how to throw together that killer outfit, personal fitness and hygiene, creating the perfect catering pack and of course how to play the organ.

Learn Barry’s famous One Finger Method where you can experience the safest way to get the most out of an organ with just one finger!

So come along music lovers, don your best safari suit, bring your friends and get down with Barry Morgan and his ultimate Home Organ Party Experience!

Barry Morgan (photo: Nick Walters)
Barry Morgan (photo: Nick Walters)




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