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Breakfast spot of the season- The Naked Fig Cafe

Written by Tania Giorgetta
Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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If you head along Marine Parade in Cottesloe, passing the beach on your left, you go past the Cott Hotel and the OBH, past Barchetta and The Blue Duck and then through several chicanes and roundabouts, you will eventually get to a ‘no through road’ sign.  Keep going despite your better judgement. Go through the ‘no through road’ sign and at the end of the street, you will come to a large café on the beach with a big car park behind it.  If you travelled this path, you will have found yourself at the Naked Fig in Swanbourne.  The Naked Fig is one of my favourite breakfast spots. There is something soothing about having a delicious breakfast with good coffee and starting your day looking out to the ocean, the fresh crisp air filling your lungs. Even though I have been to the Naked Fig several times, it did take me a few visits before I clicked that the Naked Fig is named such as it is situated on Swanbourne Beach, Perth’s infamous nude beach. Don’t let that put you off though, I am yet to see a pink bottom trotting along as I finish my eggs.

The Naked Fig is one of three “Figs” in Perth.   There is also The Wild Fig in Scarborough and The Pickled Fig in Fremantle.   For me though, the Naked one is the best.  The space is plentiful, the café is colourful and it is easy.  There is a large free carpark up the back behind the café and, if you have little ones, there is a (fenced off) playground between the café and the ocean.

The fenced playground between the cafe and the ocean
The fenced playground gives the kids something to do. 

The café itself is welcoming and eclectic. A grand deck area overlooks the view which has to be one of the highlights.  White sand and the blue Indian Ocean meet the horizon where the sea blends with the sky in a mix of aqua and turquoise.  The deck at the Naked Fig is populated with sun lounges, couches, umbrellas and colourful cushions and only adds to the relaxed “I could stay here all day” feel.

The walls of the café act as an art gallery which serve to brighten the place and allow local artists a space to display and sell their work.  (Please see the ‘Fig’ website for more information about the featured artist of the moment.  Link below.)

The Naked Fig is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day with the exception of Monday evenings when they close at 4pm.  They do a high tea which patrons can book in advance, they also have function rooms and packages to suit any size function.  You can also sign up to the Fig Fave Club to get special notifications of events and also any purchases made earn points which can be used towards food and drinks.  With this card you can eat free on your birthday.

Inside the colourful cafe
Inside the colourful cafe

The breakfast menu is interesting, forget regular bacon and eggs, at The Naked Fig you can eat things like Nasi Goreng, Pulled Pork, Couscous, Potato pancakes and Eggs on fire.   The drinks are also interesting with many milkshakes and smoothies with cheeky names like Mad Monkey or Jungle Love.  If you want to be a bit healthier there are many delicious juices on the menu such as Morning Glory or the Pink Panther; for an extra $5.00 the Naked Fig will add a shot of your favourite alcohol to your juice and hooray we have a party!   Of course for the truly decadent you can’t go past the cocktails on the breakfast list.  I highly recommend the Mimosa or the Bloody Mary!  Have a few of those and you never know, you may find yourself wandering down to the beach to get some sun on your own naked fig.  Swanbourne style. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

The link to the website is hereThe Naked Fig

Have a look at our gallery below for a few more shots of the Naked Fig and their breakfasts.


Have you been to The Naked Fig?  How did you find it?


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