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Written by Susan Martinelli

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Are you sick of the months of cold weather Perth has just been through? Are cool nights, unpredictable days and cardigans starting to get you down? There is a place where endless blue skies and warm sunny days can be found and it’s only a two hour flight from Perth. The place you need to discover is Broome.

Iconic Cable Beach
Iconic Cable Beach

As you step onto the tarmac in Broome you will soon be shedding your warmer clothes and leaving all your city stresses behind. Not only do you get beautiful weather and gorgeous natural scenery, but you will soon be on “Broome Time” where life is lived and enjoyed at a slower and more relaxing pace.

Broome is a town of contrasts. From its stunning white beaches and vibrant red rocks, to its casual local eateries and extravagant pearl shops and its friendly casual locals to busy bustling tourists. Broome is a place that will satisfy everyone’s desires.

The rusty reds and the turquoise blues.
The rusty reds and the turquoise blues.

On arrival in Broome one of your first stops must be Matso’s Brewery overlooking Roebuck Bay. The restored house and garden is not only a beautiful setting to kick back and relax but you get the bonus of trying some of the brewery’s famous beers and enjoying their great menu. The Mango beer is definitely a favourite but why not try their Chilli, Ginger or Lychee beer as well.

The next place to discover is the beautiful Cable Beach. You haven’t experienced Broome unless you have enjoyed a stunning Cable Beach sunset. With 22 kms of pristine white sand and clear blue water there is plenty of space to enjoy the kaleidoscope of colours that is a Broome sunset. It’s also a perfect spot to watch the famous Broome camels doing their sunset walk along the beach.

The famous sunset
The famous sunset
Fancy a camel ride along the beach
Fancy a camel ride?

Broome has a rich and diverse history. Just take a walk down the main street of its town centre and you will come across statues and plaques telling you about Broome’s interesting past. Walking through Chinatown is a reminder of its multi cultural society and the contribution the Chinese community has made to Broome’s early pearling industry. In Chinatown visit the last two surviving Pearl Luggers that have been restored to show what life was like for the early pearl divers. Also pop in to see Sun Pictures which is believed to be one of the oldest outdoor picture cinemas still in operation. If you have the time then Broome’s Historical Society Museum is a must, as it’s full of interesting displays about Broome’s fascinating history with many items having been donated from local families.

After a bit of history maybe some adventure is what you’re after, if so then Broome has lots on offer. Take a hovercraft flight to explore the waters of Roebuck Bay where you will be able to view the spectacular shoreline and even some dinosaur footprints. Maybe some fishing is your scene with lots of charters available to take you out or maybe take an aerial flight to get a bird’s eye view of Broome and its surroundings. Broome can also be a great base as you explore more of the Kimberley. Why not take a camping tour to see the pristine coastline of Cape Leveque; hire a car and drive to Derby for the day to see the old Boab Prison Tree or go and explore the Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek by 4WD.

No matter what you are after in a holiday Broome won’t disappoint. With ample accommodation available to suit any budget from caravan parks to five star resorts you can have a wonderful time enjoying everything Broome has to offer. Or if you are just looking for a place to relax you can just spend your time lying on a beach enjoying the stunning views that never fail to take your breath away.

Frangipanis smell like holidays!
Frangipanis smell like holidays!
Nothing says holidays like a sunset through a palm tree
Nothing says holidays like a sunset shot through a palm tree

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