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Candle Making Classes at Ember Candles

Written by Tania Giorgetta
Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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I have always liked the idea of making my own candles….
Choosing a container, pouring the wax, adding fragrance, making them as large or as small as I like; it all seems like a fun hobby to have and a nice way to make gifts for family and friends.

It also seemed like it would be quite easy…..  Or so I thought.
That was until I did a workshop with Ember Candles and rapidly learnt that there is a lot more to it than just melting and pouring some wax.

For a start there are many different types of wax and benefits and negatives to each, then there is a fragrance to wax ratio which is quite important as it can be the difference between an accidental flare up or not, there is also wick size which can affect the burn, and if you choose to colour your wax that is yet another step in the recipe that needs to be carefully calculated.
So a workshop to learn the correct way to do it all is highly recommended.

Ember Candles, situated in Guildford, is in a unique position being one of the only ‘candle only’ retail stores in Perth.  Ellen Nicholls, founder and candle maker has been mastering her craft for many years and now she is passing on her knowledge in the form of fortnightly candle making workshops.
You can read more about Ellen and her story here.

Ellen Nicholls passing on her knowledge
Ellen Nicholls passing on her knowledge

Ember Candles is running fortnightly workshops on Saturday afternoons at their premises at 46 East St in Guildford.  The classes run from 12:30 – 3pm and are perfect for beginners or people who would like a bit more reassurance and information for their own candle making practice.

The classes cost $99 and participants get to take home 2 x 160ml scented candles with labels and a gift card for the shop.

The class covers safety instructions, wax choice and the benefits of using pure and natural waxes, wicks, fragrance, ratios and mathematical formulas, (all worked out for you), container preparation,  how to measure, heat and pour the wax,  and a cup of tea and a snack while you wait for it to solidify.

Pretty gold containers
Pretty gold containers

All in all, this workshop is a lot of fun and a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  It would also make a beautiful present for a special someone in your life.  Plus each participant gets 2 gorgeous handmade and customised candles to take away with them.

The next class is running on September the 24th and every fortnight thereafter.

Candle Class info here:
Candle Classes at Ember Candles

More specific information is here:
Information about Candle Workshops at Ember Candles

To book a workshop please click here:
Booking a Workshop

Please see our gallery below for some photos of the class I attended.

“I love doing workshops and courses as I think it’s important to always keep learning, stay curious and be creative.
I think these are three of the most important things one can cultivate in their life.
If the workshop is fun, that’s a great bonus and this candle making workshop was definitely fun.  Fun and useful. A lovely way to spend an afternoon”

Tania Giorgetta
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