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It's all in the getting up

Fiction: It’s all in the getting up.

Our latest entry in our Creative Notebook is from talented writer Catriona McKeown. “It’s all in the getting up” is a beautiful tale about love, ageing and a surprise visitor. I suggest you make yourself a cup of tea, or pour a glass of wine, and get comfy for a few minutes with these characters.

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Burnt Papers

Burnt Papers

Burnt Papers is a fiction story written by talented Australian writer Catriona McKeown. This piece deals with many themes and issues especially pertinent to teenagers. Make yourself a cup of tea and read on to find out what has got these characters in a state.

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Mother and Daughter having a cup of tea and a laugh


A prose fiction piece written in 8 vignettes about Motherhood and the ever evolving relationship between mother and child. A succinct look at how the parent / child relationship changes as time marches on.

Love bugs

Poems about Love

Last week we ran a competition to win double tickets to a fantastic play that was on at the Blue Room Theatre in Perth. The play was called “Those Who Fall in Love like Anchors Dropped Upon the Ocean Floor.” It was a beautiful play about love so we asked our readers to send in a 4-8 line poem about love. This is what they came up with…

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Solar system

Another Orbit Around The Sun.

The next contribution to our creative notebook is a fiction piece by very talented writer Catriona McKeown. Why not grab a cup of tea or coffee and have a read of this short story? This piece is beautifully set up with a great ending and well crafted characters. Thank you Catriona.

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The Waltz of the Seasons

Waltz of the Seasons

The first piece in our Creative Notebook is some fiction writing from our editor Tania Giorgetta. She has written a piece which is aptly named “Waltz of the Seasons.” Check out our Creative Notebook Contributions section if you would like to see your work published.