Children: How to make Christmas Bears!

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An idea for the Children!  Easy, cute Christmas bears!  These make a great gift for friends or a decoration for the tree.  This is a great school holiday activity as it’s simple and safe.  Read on for our easy to follow instructions for little eyes and little hands and have a beary good Christmas!

All you need are the items listed below and some glue.
White washable school glue, such as the example below, is best, used sparingly.
washable white glue

NB: We suggest parental help with the gluing part especially for young children.


 1) Pompoms.


 2) Eyes.

Googly eyes

 3) Hat

HatRed Pompoms

 4) Glue your bear together like in the picture below and give him a name.

You can put him underneath or on the branches of your tree, give him as a gift or simply keep him to play with.



Ted with tree

 Merry Christmas!


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