Christmas Lights- Kanji Loop, Atwell

Christmas Lights in the suburbs of Perth

Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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Christmas is a time of celebration and reflection, a time when Santa visits and families get together,  a time of magic and wonder.  It is also a time of giving and many people in the Perth suburbs decorate their houses with lights and symbols of Christmas, all while raising money for various charities like Princess Margaret Hospital and Breast Cancer Awareness.

We visited a house in Morley in the northern suburbs and a whole street in Atwell in the south and it was a truly magical experience.  For the young and the young at heart, head to Kanji Loop in Atwell to feel as if you have stepped into a Christmas Wonderland.

Check out our photo gallery below for some pictures of our visit and Seasons Greetings to you all!

For a list of where else to go in Perth to see the lights click here…   Christmas Lights

Have you been to see the lights yet this year?

Do you know of any other amazing displays in Perth or in country WA?

Please share your photos below. 



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