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All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey… Just like that old song by ‘The Mamas and The Papas’  the season is shifting and some of us are already pining for those long sunny summer days. As the weather starts to change and the trees start to drop their leaves, many people are left looking at their dry summer gardens and wondering what to do next. Lucky for us we have local business owner Rachel Sharp from Sharp Edge Gardening to give us some helpful hints to turn our gardens into bountiful botanical beauties.

Originally hailing from the UK, Rachel has made Perth her home over the last few years and has loved the challenge of mastering garden maintenance in this charming coastal city. Rachel is dedicated to creating beautiful gardens and believes strongly in sustainable and practical gardening.  Rachel believes that there is one element that makes every garden feel like home… a veggie patch!

A veggie patch adds excitement to your garden, plus food tastes better if you grow it yourself!


In our gardens several common issues tend to plague Perth locals as the seasons change, the main two are dry soil from the summer sun and the weeds that take over as the autumn and winter rains arrive.  Perth’s sandy hydrophobic soil doesn’t retain water easily and can lack essential nutrients. To keep your garden happy, it is vital to prepare and maintain soil quality and to choose the best position for your veggie patch to thrive. Depending on what you are planting you need to consider how much sun the patch will receive throughout the day and whether this is suitable for your crop. To ensure you have a successful edible garden all year round, it is important to also consider which herbs and vegetables are in season, as these varieties will tend to yield better quality produce. Autumn is a good time to plant Basil, Coriander and Parsley to season your dishes, as well as vegetables like Capsicum, Tomato, Carrot and Lettuce.

Some of the great vegetables which can be planted in the autumn months.

While regular watering is an important part of keeping your vegetable garden flourishing, Rachel also suggests giving the plot a helping hand by adding compost made of organic matter and fertilisers/trace elements. Companion planting methods allow for natural and safer pest control than artificial insecticides by planting various plants and herbs among your vegetables that deter bugs from eating your crops. To keep on top of weeds it is important to commit a few minutes a day to uprooting any new weeds in your veggie patch and sometimes a special spray may be required to keep grasses out of your garden beds or keep weeds from taking over your lawn.

With edible gardens becoming more popular and a growing emphasis in the community on clean eating, Rachel has developed a specialist ‘Veggie Patch Start Up’ service for those who are interested in growing their own food but are not quite sure how to go about it. This gives people the opportunity to have their edible garden installed, and learn how to maintain and harvest their own herbs and veggies all year round. After tasting your own home-grown herbs and vegetables, you’ll never go back to shop-bought.  Everything tastes better when you know you have grown it yourself  – and you know exactly what has, or more importantly what hasn’t, been used on your food.


girl holding fresh vegetables
Getting children involved with the growing of fruit and vegetables teaches them about nutrition and where our food comes from.


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provides quality services such as lawn mowing, hedging, weed control, and general upkeep of residential and small commercial properties in the Perth metro areas. Sharp Edge Gardening specialises in keeping your gardens maintained to a high standard and investing in the long term care of your home environment.

To find out more or to enquire about their specialist ‘Veggie Patch Start Up’ service, or to arrange a free quote, please check out the website: Sharp Edge Gardening and for gardening tips and pics; like them on Facebook.


Do you have a veggie patch or any questions about gardens?

What vegetables would you love to grow this season?



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