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Ember Candles

Written by Tania Giorgetta
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Is it not time you stopped to smell the candles? TM

Candles have long been associated with romance and ambience.  Light a candle and an evening transforms from a regular night to a special event.  Scented candles allow an even more sensory experience as the fragrance along with the soft light adds to the intrigue and intimacy of the evening.  Candles are no longer purely a light source though. They are now pieces of art, designed to transform the look and feel of a home or space. They are homewares and they make perfect gifts.

There is an infinite number of candles on the market all made from different types of wax and different levels of purity; this can affect the way they burn and the way they smell.  The Candle market is an ever transforming place with more and more demand for quality and health awareness.  We spoke to the owners of local business, Ember Candles, about the different types of wax on the market and the exquisite, natural candles they make in their WA premises.

46 East Street, Guildford. Western Australia.
46 East Street, Guildford. Western Australia.

Ember Candles crafts and stocks the largest range of natural wax candles in Western Australia. The candles are handmade in their shop in Guildford and the ingredients and fragrances used are environmentally responsible, long lasting and health conscious.

Ember Candles was founded many years ago by Ellen Nicholls. She was first introduced to the art of candle making when her and a friend attended a local market and noticed a soy candle stall. Ellen was particularly interested in the notion of using natural wax opposed to the paraffin wax candles which, still to this day, stock many shelves in Perth shops.  Paraffin wax is a by-product of the petro chemical industry so it is not difficult to deduce that there must be a healthier way to enjoy the burning of candles.
Ellen researched and taught herself how to make natural wax candles and started pouring them at home. She attended the Subiaco markets with a bag of her wares one week, and was surprised when she sold the whole lot in one day. She soon came to realise that this could be a potential business.

Ellen NIcholls, founder of Ember candles
Ellen Nicholls, founder of Ember candles

For many years Ellen poured candles at home, experimenting with various scents, colours, sizes, shapes, moulds and containers.  She sold her candles at the markets in Subiaco and at the UWA markets.  The business grew and Ellen soon needed more space than her home could provide and less heavy lifting than the markets gave her, so in 2011 Ellen and her son, Evan, decided to move the business into a permanent premises.  Ember Candles took up residence in a gorgeous, quaint shop at 46 East Street, Guildford, which has lit the way for a bigger and brighter future.

These candles add some sparkle
These candles add some sparkle

Ember Candles prides itself on the use of 100% natural wax and non blended recipes. They use eight types of natural wax in their products:

  1. Soy wax
  2. Coconut wax
  3. Palm wax
  4. Bees wax
  5. Wax from the Ha-Ze lacquer tree
  6. Canola Oil Wax
  7. Stearin (which is derived from animal fat)
  8. Rice Bran Wax

These waxes burn clearer than the paraffin wax candles as they don’t contain any chemicals. The fragrance is also more pure due to the lack of petrochemicals and harmful additives.  Unlike other brands on the market Ember Candles don’t blend their wax so the products are 100% natural and as stated.

Bees Wax figures and shapesBees Wax figures and shapes
Bees Wax figures and shapes

The beauty of Ember Candles, apart from using natural products, is that it is a family run business which offers a personal and customisable service. It is clear to see the passion Ellen and Evan have for their business and industry and they are more than happy to work with their clients to help them get the best results.  They can make a candle using your choice of wax, fragrance and container or form.  They can also offer you lots of candle burning tips and tricks.

A service which Ember Candles also offers is to relabel any of their candles with your personal label or branding.  This is perfect for corporate gifts, thank yous or bonboniere at a wedding or event.

These glass jar candles can be fully customised and labelled however the client prefers. Perfect for corporate thank yous or Bonbonieres.
These glass jar candles can be fully customised and labelled however the client prefers. Perfect for corporate thank yous or Bonbonieres.

Ember Candles also like to work with local artisans such as aromatherapists and artists to create their candles.  This is evident in the indigenous range which is painted by local artist Robyn Hardy using scents she endorsed as being indicative of the Australian bush such as honey and eucalyptus.

The Indigenous Range includes scentys from nature and art designed by local artist Robyn Hardy
The Indigenous Range includes scentys from nature and art designed by local artist Robyn Hardy

Ember Candles has a wonderful range of candles out for Christmas including the gorgeous Beeswax Christmas trees and the delightfully fragranced ‘Christmas Pudding and custard’ range.

Christmas Candles: Pudding and custard scent
Christmas Candles: Pudding and custard scent

All Ember candles are beautifully presented in various sizes, shapes and colours or in interesting and attractive jars and containers. The candles range in price from $3 to approximately $100 for the stunning double candles in glass jars moulded onto driftwood. These would make amazing gifts.  Driftwood Candle ® is  exclusive to Ember Candles ®

Driftwood Candle
Driftwood Candle® – where raw materials come together to create something special.  TM


The shop in Guildford has a substantial range of candles available for purchase as does the permanent pop up store located at Lakeside Joondalup.

So why not drop by, meet Ellen and Evan and try a good quality, affordable, locally made candle and enjoy the Ember Experience ®.



Please see our gallery below for more photos of the beautiful Ember Candles


For more information please see their website:
Ember Candles


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