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Famous Sharron!

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“Questions over Coffee” or should we say “Questions over Gin”  with the Famous Sharron!   She’s a comedian, host, MC and Perthonality.   You may have seen her wandering around at festivals and events being fabulous.
Introducing The Famous Sharron.  One of the r’s is silent.

Hello Sharron, Thanks for meeting with us.

Hello Dolls.  Thanks for having me.  Fab!

What is the background of Famous Sharron? 

Well dolls,  you know I have 4 kids but I always knew I was special. My mum put me into all the dance competitions and all the things.  And I never won but I always knew they were wrong, you know you just get the feelings inside, and it happens to so many of us darls, you keep getting knocked down,  and you think to yourself “but no, I’ve got something to offer” and they’re all like “No, you have to ballet in the same way as everyone else, Shazza,”   and I’m like “but darls I’m plie-ing with my own style.  Dreams are made of this.” But they just couldn’t see it.   And so I always knew I was gonna be special, and then when I was a teenager I got preggers and I still knew I was special dolls but I was very tired and kids just get in the way.  That’s why when people ask me “Oh Shazza where are your kids?”  I just say bugger them darls! They took so much of me already. They can just survive for a while,  they’ll be fine.

Do you have a man Sharron?

Yes dolls,  Darren, my husband. My third husband.  He’s a FIFO so he’s always there for me, one week out of seven. He’s the best husband you could ask for dolls,  I don’t know how people do full time relationships.

Famous Sharron
Famous Sharron being fab!

How old are you Sharron?

I’m 35!  But I look fabulous.  You know I’m pushing 40 darls, but no one would ever know. I was at a gig the other day and this young thing said “Shazza, guess how old I am?”  And I was like, “I don’t know darls, 23, 26?”  And she said “No, I’m 20!”   And I said “I know dolls, only 18 – 20 year olds say guess how old I am?”

So how did you get so famous?

You know my mum’s always believed in me. She’s a bit of a stage mum you know.  She’s always pushed me and said, “keep going Shazza,”  buying me feathers and sequins. And one day she held up one of my glitter leotards and said,  “what are you doing Shazza? You’re preggers and you were going to be all famous.”  And I said “you’re right mum!”   And then the Fringe came to Perth and I decided Bugger it and I went along and everyone was all “Dame Edna, Dame Edna”  which I was flattered by but really I was inspired by Fez from Briefs. He’s just fabulous! And that was 3 years ago and so then I just started going out more and more and saying “Hello dolls, it’s me!”

My manager, Bonnie was hosting a burlesque night and everyone said she was a bit drab. I mean, nice enough but a bit dull dolls.  So she rang me up and said “Shazza would you like to do it next year.  Go for it Shazza,” so I did and I’ve never looked back dolls.  And that’s how it all started.  Then I just started going out to more events and festivals and was asked to host and I was all,  “Dolls it’s me”  and I became famous.

So you do a lot of MCing,  do you also do stand up?  And what about scripted work?

Oh yes I do stand up dolls,  but no scripts.  I like interacting with the audience. I also do wedding receptions and functions.

And what’s in the future for Famous Sharron?

I am doing monthly tours of Perth.  Hidden Detours they’re called. And hosting comedy nights at the Lazy Susans.   I am also doing some MC work at Gfest  in Geraldton in October.  I might be heading up to Port Hedland to host the Sugar Blue Burlesque show again dolls. I don’t do the burlesque though dolls,  there are professionals for that.  People get all terrified and think that I’m doing the burlesque and I’m like “no darls!”    And Sophie Budd, the chef, and I are doing some more cooking shows this year.  We are deffo doing that-  we’re working on that.   And we are doing a Christmas Party.  Sharron and Sophie.  Cooking and dancing,  so if you want you can book in or do it for your work function.  We’re still working out dates but it will be on my website. It’s fab to be me dolls!

And I see you have merchandise?

Yes I have sheggings.   Like leggings but Shazza style.  They’re fab!
And other things- like keyrings and badges.

Famous Sharron's keyring
Famous Sharron’s keyring

What do you think of the comedy scene in Perth?

I think it’s fab at the moment darls.  There is loads of comedy on all the time.  Open mike nights and stand up. There is a plethora of shows and we’ve produced some amazing talent from here. Great venues too like Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den which I love because it’s a venue completely devoted to comedy.

I’m a Perth girl,  I’m from Balga.  I love Perth and I’ll always stay here.  I might go away for Red Carpets and stuff but I’ll always come back.  We have one of the best Fringe festivals in the world and that’s not even exaggerating, but we don’t think so because we are Perth dolls. I’m proud of Perth and I’ll keep being fabulous here.

And final question, what is Sharron’s favourite season and why?

Spring dolls.  Everyone gets a bit sexy again.   In winter everyone is just trying to stay alive,  then Spring comes along and Its like “Hello!”  And colours come out and everyone looks amazing and there’s flowers and it’s all fabbo dolls.

Shazza on stage
Shazza on stage


Shazza in her sheggings
Shazza in her sheggings



Famous Sharron and our editor Tania Giorgetta
Famous Sharron and our editor Tania Giorgetta


Thank you for the chat Shazza!     We look forward to seeing you about the place. 

Famous Sharron’s website is here   Famous Sharron

You can connect with Sharron on facebook here   Famous on Facebook


Have you spotted the fabulous Sharron out and about?


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