Fart Surfer

Fringe: Fart Surfer on the big screen.

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In a first for FringeWorld a computer game has made the lineup this year.

You can play Fart Surfer for free on the big screen in the Cultural Centre this Saturday night the 13th of February. It is ready to pop from 8:30pm onwards.


Fart Surfer
Fart Surfer

There is a tidal wave coming and it’s destroying the Earth!
Can Bazza the Bogan Surfer ride the wave and escape death. You can help him by playing Fart Surfer- a new offering to the Fringe Festival for 2016.

Fart Surfer will be on the big screen in the Cultural Centre from 8:30pm Saturday night the 13th of February.
It is Free and there is no need to book or buy tickets.
You can even play the game while waiting for other shows or just wandering about the cultural centre.

Gaming is a huge industry which is growing all the time, you have probably heard of different games from the small and simple to the epic games where your character lives in other worlds and has to fight every day.

What you may not know however is that worldwide, the game industry is actually bigger than the film industry. You also may not know that there are people in Perth who are making games.

Pete Phillips, game developer from local Indi game company 1984 Games has developed this game as a fun, interactive experience that people can pick up and play anywhere. Fart Surfer is a sidescroller game which is designed to be played on buses, trains and other places where people may want to while away some time.

After its debut at FringeWorld Fart Surfer will be released on steam and then on android and iphone platforms so you can have Fart Surfer right in your pocket!

Fart Surfer
Fart Surfer

Producer, Cara Philips tells us that the concept of the game is that due to global warming planet Earth is in trouble and a huge tidal wave has wiped everything out. However, Bazza the bogan surfer has survived and is surfing the wave powered along by his farts!

The concept is quite Australian, quite interesting and quite funny! “Anyone who finds farts funny will enjoy this game and even if you don’t it’s light hearted humour.” Cara tells us.

In the game Bazza dodges obstacles like dolphins, trees, toilets and debris to stay on the wave. He gets power ups and energy from cans of baked beans as he goes about his adventures.

1984 Games have use a lot of local talent in the production of Fart Surfer. Cameron Thompson is the artist and Daniel Urquart was the digital painter. Gary Benness, Gavin Arnold and Declan Barber are all responsible for the fun and quirky music while all other sound effects including the dolphin noises and fart sounds are all made vocally by local actor Paul Goddard.

The games industry in Perth is quite dynamic. There is a group called Play Up Perth who meet regularly and people can showcase new games or discuss ideas. They can gain support, encouragement and tips from like-minded people. This is often where games like Fart Surfer are tested and brainstormed.

Fart Surfer is launching on the big screen in the cultural centre so come on down from 8:30pm Saturday night the 13th of February.   It is Free and fun with lots of laughs so grab some mates and come and have a go with the latest in Perth gaming.

Fart Surfer
Fart Surfer


1984 Games
1984 Games

You can see a preview of the game here:




See the FringeWorld website for more information.



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