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Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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The Fringe Festival finished up last weekend and it was an amazing month of talent, colour, variety and entertainment. Check out our recap video here and the awards from FringeWorld. Congrats to all involved in a fantastic festival.

Below is our video of some Fringe moments from the Urban Orchard, Rooftop Movies and The Pleasure Garden.   Enjoy!


FringeWorld Awards 2015

(as announced by FringeWorld)

FRINGE WORLD Awards are given to the best show in each genre category with winners receiving cash, development support and direct touring opportunities as part of their award.
The top prize awarded on the night, the Martin Sims Award recognised the best new West Australian work in the Festival. Highly coveted, this award gives the winning artist(s) access to $10,000 and touring opportunities to build their career internationally at other Fringe Festivals through the World Fringe Alliance.
In 2015 the Martin Sims Award went to “Monroe and Associates”, presented by The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and The Last Great Hunt.
Monroe and Associates is an intimate and immersive theatrical experience set in a caravan; it transports audiences into the world of a private detective agency. The new work is created by acclaimed local artist Tim Watts and The Last Great Hunt collective.

Martin Sims Award

Winner: Monroe and Associates

•         Yoshi’s Castle
•         FAG/STAG
•         Fish in the Sea
•         Moving on Inc.
•         Quo Tardis

Cabaret Award

Presented by Howling Wolves Margaret River

Winner: La Soirée
First Runner Up: Church of Wonders
Second Runner Up: All Out of Pride: An Evening of Songs You’re Ashamed to Love

WA Winner (joint):

•         Perth Cabaret Collective presents An Old Fashioned Affair
•         Speak Easy

Children’s Event Award

Presented by BDO

Winner (joint):
•         Lords of Strut: The Family Show
•         The Bookbinder
First Runner Up: Disco Kids
Second Runner Up: Anatomy of the Piano

WA Winner: The Greatest Children’s Story Ever Written

Circus Award

Presented by iiNet

Winner: Fright or Flight
First Runner Up: Briefs
Second Runner Up / WA Winner: Elements

Comedy Award

Presented by APN Outdoor

Winner: Trygve Wakenshaw: KRAKEN
First Runner Up: Ryan Coffey is Howlin’
Second Runner Up: Best of the Edinburgh Fest

WA Winner: Pirate Church: Shitstorm

Theatre Award

Presented by 720 ABC Perth

Winner: Fake It ’til You Make It by Bryony Kimmings & Tim Grayburn
First Runner Up: The Dirty Cowboy
Second Runner Up (joint):
•         Amateur Hour
•         The Worst of Scottee

WA Winner: Absolutely

Dance Award

Presented by City of Perth

Winner: Carmen Choreodrama
First Runner Up: Bey Dance Workshop
Second Runner Up / WA Winner: Every/Nowhere

Film & Multimedia Award

Presented by Instant Toilets and Showers

Winner (joint):
•         The General – with Live Musical Accompaniment by Viola Dana
•         Cinema Classics @ The Backlot Perth
First Runner Up: Perth Underground Film Festival

Free & Community Event Award

Presented by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

Winner (joint):
•         Chung Wah Chinese New Year Fair Day
•         Mobile Moments 3.0

Music & Musicals Award

Presented by Brookfield

Winner: Sam Perry Live
First Runner Up: Point & Shoot: A New Musical
Second Runner Up (joint):
•         Stratosfunk – Motown & 60’s Soul
•         Beyond Borders

Visual Arts Award

Presented by Little Creatures

Winner: Mate
First Runner Up: Next Level Bullshit
Second Runner Up: Loser Unit Presents

WA Emerging Artist Award

Presented by Woodside

Winner (joint):
•         Mikaela Westall (Moving On Inc.)
•         Clarence Ryan (Metalhead)
•         Felicity McKay (Venus in Furs)

Melbourne Tour Ready Award

Presented by Melbourne Fringe

Winner: FAG/STAG

The West Australian Arts Editor Award

Winner: Sex Idiot
WA Winner: In the Shadow Of Venus

Spirit of the Fringe Award

Presented by Curtin University

Winner: Joe Lui
First Runner Up: Adrienne Truscott
Second Runner Up: Christeene!

Independent Program and Venue Award

Presented by Lotterywest

Independent Program

Winner: The Blue Room Summer Nights
First Runner Up: Connections Nightclub
Second Runner Up: Bootleg Comedy for Rosie O’Grady’s Northbridge

Independent Venue

Winner (joint):
•         Sunset Veranda
•         Noodle Palace
First Runner Up: Freo Royale
Second Runner Up: Midlandia


These awards are presented by: 

  • FringeWorld
  • Martin Sims award
  • Lotterywest
  • Woodside
  • The West Australian
  • Curtin University
  • Howling Wolves Wine
  • BDO
  • APN Outdoor
  • Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
  • City of Perth
  • Instant Toilets
  • Brookfield
  • 720 ABC
  • Little Creatures
  • Melbourne Fringe



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