Sweet Dreams Giants

The Giants cast a spell over Perth

Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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The opening act for the PIAF festival was breathtaking on a giant scale.  1.4 million people flocked to the city streets to witness the magical journey of the Giants.  The Giants, who are a creation of French company Royal De Luxe, graced our city for a weekend of awe inspiring, childlike wonder. Our gallery documents the journey of these amazing pieces of art.



Click below for our 30 second video of the Little Girl sleeping.
Watch her mouth and chest as you listen to her snoring.

This video has been watched over 4000 times on social media.  The Giants really captured our imaginations.

Congrats to the PIAF festival, the state of WA and all the private sponsors on a wonderful initiative and investment in the arts.



Did you see the Giants while they were here?

What were your thoughts and your favourite parts?


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