Happy Pride party 2015

Happy Pride – Our photo album

Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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The launch of PrideFEST 2015 on Friday the 6th of November was a fabulous night. It was at the cultural centre and saw patrons party the night away with food, drinks, music and colour to kick off the wonderful Pride festival.  Check out the pics here,  you may see someone you know!

The Pride Festival is sashaying along until the 22nd of November 2015.

The Pride website is here for more info.

See our ‘Pick of the Festival’ here.

Highlights which you should definitely go to are:

1)   Matthew Mitcham’s award winning cabaret show-  Twists and Turns.
Friday 20th November- 2 shows only!
More info and Tickets here

2)  ‘Freeheld’ the movie- Luna Leederville.
Thursday 12th November
More info and tickets here.

3) The Pride Parade and the after party-  Garden Party.
Saturday 21st November
More info and tickets to the party here.

Happy Pride!!!

PrideFest 2015



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