Intrude South Perth Fiesta

Intrude. Art installation

Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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Perth is lucky enough to recently have been visited by Giants and Sculptures. The latest large pieces of art to grace our shores are huge, inflatable, illuminated rabbits.  It’s all part of the South Perth Fiesta and is on every night this week.  Get down to Sir James Mitchell Park to say hello to “Intrude” an art installation by Amanda Parer.

Amanda Parer is an artist from Tasmania and her rabbits are a unique outdoor installation called “Intrude.”   They are 7 metres tall and evoke images of childhood, Alice in Wonderland and Easter.   These large plastic creatures are also a comment on overpopulation and the effect we are all having on the environment.

As the week goes on, there will be rabbits added to the group as these large oversized creatures are breeding like,  well, rabbits.

On every night until and including Saturday the 21st of March from 6 – 10pm at Sir James Mitchell Park, just up from the Boatshed restaurant on the South Perth foreshore.

Free to attend and children welcome with adult supervision.

Have a look at our gallery below of the rabbits and a Lottery West promotion and shots of our beautiful city.

For more information please see the South Perth Fiesta website- link below

South Perth Fiesta 2015


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