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Written by Tania Giorgetta

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When we think of fabulous people we think of people with determination and tenacity.  People who have taken a leap of faith and are following their dreams.  People who are good at what they do and are rocking it in their industry.  People who challenge stereotypes and have the courage to fly.

When we think of fabulous people, Jayne Lewis certainly fits the bill.  Jayne is a Perth girl who is now living in Melbourne.  She is a beer brewer and co-founder and director of successful beer brewing company ‘Two Birds Brewing.’ Jayne is a beer, food and live music connoisseur, a nail art aficionado and one pretty fabulous chick.   She is the brewing half of ‘Two Birds Brewing’ while long-time friend and business partner Danielle Allen takes care of the marketing side of the business.  Jayne and Danielle are following their passions and soaring to great heights with their successful beer brand.

Jayne Lewis (left) and Danielle Allen of Two Birds Brewing.
Jayne Lewis (left) and Danielle Allen of Two Birds Brewing.

Two Birds is a boutique beer company which swooped into the market in 2010. They have released two beers; Golden Ale and Sunset Ale and they plan on expanding their range over time. Golden Ale is a light, easy drinking beer with some honey and stone fruit characters while Sunset Ale is darker and more complex: it displays some toffee and citrus notes and is a great accompaniment to a barbecue.  The female owned and run company has certainly proven their worth winning numerous awards and accolades in their 4 years in the market.   The ladies have recently had the grand opening for their ‘nest;’ their own brewery and small bar in Melbourne and are so happy to see their dreams becoming a reality.

Sunset Ale and Golden Ale.
Sunset Ale and Golden Ale.

The name Two Birds Brewing was developed because the girls wanted something playful and cheeky but with an allusion to the fact that it is a female owned and run company. The name also has a certain Australian flavour.  “The look on people’s faces when they have the light bulb moment and they realise ‘Two Birds’ is owned by two chicks is priceless.”  Jayne laughs.

Jayne’s story began when she studied a Bachelor of Science in viticulture and winemaking in Perth before working in wineries in Margaret River, other parts of WA and the USA and then moving away from wine and towards her new passion; beer. She states that although she has always loved drinking beer, she really fell into brewing.  She was living in Margaret River and ready to move back to Perth; one day Jayne found herself sitting at Little Creatures in Fremantle having a beer and she can remember thinking that one day she would work at this place.   When they advertised for a brewer not long after that, Jayne applied and she got the job and that’s where it all started.  “That was 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back,” she says with a smile.

After approximately three years at Little Creatures where she was heavily involved in the development of Pipsqueak Cider, Jayne moved to Melbourne and worked at Matilda Bay Garage in Dandenong before becoming head brewer at Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond in 2008.

Jayne cherishes her time at Mountain Goat which she describes as “one of the greatest jobs in brewing in Australia” however she still wanted more for her career. Jayne was coming to the realisation that she wanted to run her own business: in order to be truly happy she knew she had to work for herself.

Jayne and Danielle had been friends for a long time as their now husbands were housemates many years earlier.  Eventually Danielle and her husband moved to Sydney while Jayne and her husband were living in Melbourne, so the four would catch up as much as they could.  However, it was when they were all on a trip to America together in 2010 that Two Birds Brewing was dreamt up, conceptualised and born….  More than likely over a few beers.

Over the length of her career in beer, Jayne has achieved many awards and accolades. She has a diploma in brewing and has been a beer judge for the past 5 years at many beer festivals and shows including the World Beer Cup, The Australian International Beer awards, The Brewers Guild of NZ Beer Awards and The Perth Royal Beer Show.  She has been a board member of the Craft Beer Industry Association and is currently president of the “Pink Boots Society” an organisation created to empower female beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer industry through education.

Jayne hard at work surrounded by stainless steel.
Jayne hard at work surrounded by stainless steel.

When asked about the craft beer industry and in particular the industry in WA, Jayne is very positive, “Craft beer is experiencing great growth and is starting to gain wider acceptance.  Every year there is a wider range of beers available and there are new breweries opening all the time.  WA was where craft brewing started in Australia and it is home to one of the most awarded breweries of recent years, Feral Brewing Company.”

While Jayne will always have an affinity with Perth, she loves Melbourne and all that it offers.  When asked, she declares that her favourite season is autumn, “There’s a great warmth in the air and I love the changing colours on the trees.  There are so many awesome festivals in autumn; the food and wine festival and the comedy festival as well as the start of AFL season. Plus it means that I can bust out my boots, jackets, scarves and hats!”

Jayne and Danielle are currently in the very exciting process of opening their own brewery in Spotswood in Melbourne.   “Owning our own brewery is truly a dream come true and I can’t wait to have more flexibility to increase our range of beers and experiment with brewing new styles.  We are so excited to have a home base and for people to be able to come and visit us at ‘The Nest.’  This new brewery is the site that brews all of our kegs for the east coast of Australia.  All packaged products and kegs for WA will continue to be closely managed and brewed at Gage Roads Brewing Company.”  Jayne explains.

The newest beer that Two Birds is rolling out is called Taco Beer, it “takes all the good bits out of tacos; corn, coriander and lime and puts them into a beer!”  It was released at The Great Australasian Beer Festival in May 2013 and was awarded sixth place in the People’s Choice voting.  It is still being developed and manufactured but is beginning to appear in bottles and on tap around Australia.

The future looks bright for Jayne and Two Birds Brewing, “Running a business is difficult but it’s an amazing feeling knowing that you reap the rewards of all your hard work” says Jayne, “It can be incredibly isolating and stressful but it’s also extremely rewarding.”

“So, are you happy?” we ask her.
“Oh yes, without a doubt!”  She answers with a smile, “The worst day working for myself is still better than the best day working for someone else.”


Seasons Online wishes Jayne and Two Birds Brewing good luck into the future and we will be watching eagerly as they spread their wings even further.

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Please see below for a list of venues in Perth and WA where you can get Two Birds beer on tap and in bottles and also a list of the liquor shops which stock Two Birds so you can try it at home. 

On Tap:

  • The Greenhouse, Perth
  • Chick and Kent, Perth
  • The Belgian Beer Cafe, Perth
  • Ace Pizza, Highgate
  • The Village Bar, Subiaco
  • The Cottesloe Beach Hotel, Cottesloe
  • Mrs Browns, North Fremantle
  • The Dock, Fremantle
  • Fly by Night, Fremantle
  • The Norfolk Hotel, Fremantle
  • Barque Restaurant, East Fremantle
  • The Raffles Hotel, Applecross


Bottled beer:

  • The Boulevard, Floreat
  • The Brisbane Hotel, Highgate
  • The Studio Gallery & Bistro, Yallingup
  • The Leftbank, East Fremantle
  • Eiari & Co., Dunsborough
  • Must Wine Bar, Mt Lawley
  • Mechanics Institute, Northbridge
  • Mojo’s, North Fremantle
  • The Quarie Bar, Hammond Park
  • La Fayette, Bar Perth
  • GnaraBar, Gnarabup
  • The Bakery, Northbridge
  • Two Fat Indians, Mt Lawley/Cottesloe
  • Bollywood, Innaloo
  • Zapata’s Fremantle/Northbridge
  • Clancy’s Fish Pub Fremantle/City Beach/Applecross/Dunsborough
  • Balthazar Restaurant, Perth
  • Venn Bar, Perth
  • Restaurant Amusé, East Perth
  • The Royal on the Waterfront, East Perth
  • Five Bar, Mt Lawley


Bottle Shops:

  • The Fremantle Doctor Liquor Store, Fremantle
  • Bicton Cellars
  • The Wine Store, Fremantle
  • La Vigna Wines, Mt Lawley
  • Liquor Barons, Mt Lawley (Grand Cru Wine Shop)
  • Paddington Fine Wines, Mt Hawthorn
  • De Vine Cellars, Inglewood
  • Scarborough Cellars, Scarborough
  • Gangemi’s Fine Wines, West Perth
  • The Rosemount Drive through (Thirsty Camel), North Perth
  • International Beer Shop, West Leederville
  • The Re-Store, Leederville
  • The Leederville Bottle Shop, Leederville
  • The Subi Liquor Store, Subiaco
  • Liquor Barons Jolimont
  • Liquor Barons on Angelo, South Perth
  • Como Liquor Store
  • Cellarbrations Carlisle
  • The Liquor Shed, Jandakot
  • Big Brews, Port Kennedy
  • Kalbarri Cellars, Kalbarri

Check out their website here-  http://www.twobirdsbrewing.com.au/

Have you tried Two Birds beer?  If so, what do you think of it and the female brewer from Perth who is making a name for herself in the beer industry? 


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