Kate Andrews

Kate Andrews: Photographer and Artist

Written by Tania Giorgetta

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“Creative work can feed your mind and nourish your soul.”   Kate Andrews.

Kate Andrews is a photographer, artist, mother and passionate Perth creative. She is the owner of three local businesses all centred around photography, art and creativity. After many years in Melbourne, Kate has recently made the move back to Perth and is excited about new opportunities and creative collaborations.

The first business which Kate launched, called ‘Honey Rock Photography,’ focuses on editorial shoots and the photographing of fashion, beauty and hair.

‘Little Buddha Photography’ covers the portrait and commercial side of pregnancy and children’s photography.

‘Three Sparrows’ is Kate’s latest venture selling her beautiful watercolours and custom made pieces of art.

Kate Andrews
Kate Andrews

After completing her photographic studies and beginning a career in Perth in 2007, Kate, who was a musician on the Perth scene, moved to Melbourne in 2009. There she concentrated on her photography business, Honeyrock Photography.
The name “Honey Rock” is a tribute to Kate’s many years spent as a musician in various bands. During her time in Melbourne, Kate worked with other creatives and business owners to grow the brand and over time Honeyrock Photography developed into a successful business which continues today.

Honeyrock Photography
Honeyrock Photography

Kate says it is difficult to start a new business, especially in a creative field, because  “as many creatives know, it’s hard not to just do everything that is offered to you. When you start out you want to get your name out there and take any paid work that you can, but as time goes on and you develop your style and your brand you can narrow it down to the type of work you really want to create.”

Two years ago Kate’s focus went from blacks, whites and Rock ‘n’ Roll to light colours and brighter happy work as her and her partner welcomed a baby girl. “All of a sudden I was drawn towards colour,” Kate explains. There was this huge desire towards the more light and soft side of life and so Little Buddha Photography was born.

Little Buddha Photography has two streams. One is portraiture, capturing the intimacy of pregnancy and the precious moments between babies, children and their parents. The other is commercial where Kate is in the process of connecting with brands to shoot children’s clothing, retail and other related products.

Little Buddha Photography focuses on shoots with babies, mothers, pregnancies and young children. “It’s a whole new world” Kate tells us. She started putting her photos up on social media and discovered there is a large and engaged market out there consisting of mums and all things child related.

Little Buddha Photography
Little Buddha Photography

With ‘Little Buddha Photography’ came ‘Three Sparrows’, Kate’s art business where people can purchase her watercolour prints, educational flashcards, customised birth prints and animal silhouettes all executed in soft gentle colours.

The name ‘Three Sparrows’ came about as Kate’s daughter is an IVF baby and is one of 3 embryos that were produced. “It’s a very precious name” Kate says with a smile.

These two businesses are very complimentary and a natural extension of each other. You can decorate your child’s room with their own beautiful, professional baby photos and beside that you can hang some hand-painted artworks. These pieces would also make a lovely gift for a special person in your life.

Three Sparrows- you are loved little one: art print
Three Sparrows- you are loved:  art print

The inspiration behind Kate’s latest work is her 1 year old daughter and she tells us that she “loves teaching her little girl about the world and about things around her. It’s really cool watching her learn.” She says. “For example, take a lawnmower, which you or I wouldn’t think twice about, she wants to know what it is and why it’s making that sound and what it’s doing. It’s a cool age.”

“The world is full of wonder. Nature is extraordinary and the world can be amazing, especially when seen through the eyes of a child.”   Kate Andrews

This curiosity about the world and a desire to learn is what prompted Kate to make educational flashcards for children and realistic animal prints with an educational slant.

Three Sparrows- Colours cards
Three Sparrows- Colours cards

“Every parent is different, yet I think in many ways you could say that every parent pretty much wants the same thing, and that is to give their child the best they can in life. “
Educating them and surrounding them with beautiful art and photography they can treasure forever certainly fits that philosophy.

Kate is available for photo shoots in a studio space or she offers a mobile service. She is very flexible and open to working with her clients’ wishes to get the best result.

Kate loves the opportunity she has to switch between the light and bright world of children and babies and then back into the slightly darker and more adult world that Honey Rock Photography provides. “All three businesses feed a different part of me.” She explains. “There is an opportunity for variety and huge amounts of learning.”

“I used to think that my businesses and everything I have done in my life; be it music, photography, massage therapy or art were not connected but I now realise that they are. They are all creative and they all have a common theme which is health and wellbeing. Body Mind and Soul. There is a natural synergy there.”

dream big little one art print
Three Sparrows – dream big little one : art print

Links to Kate’s websites:

Honey Rock Photography
Little Buddha Photography
Three Sparrows Art

You can see more of Kate’s work in the scrolling gallery below.


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