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Maths Through Movement: A Winning Formula

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Calling all teachers, parents and students!
The next local business we are profiling is called ‘Creative Moves WA’ which is a Perth based organisation that delivers creative dance programs in schools. One of their new programs uses dance to revolutionise how our students learn maths!
Anything that makes maths fun has got to be good right!

Read on to learn more about this innovative business and the ladies who are bringing creative learning to Perth schools….



We all remember Maths class at school. The fractions, the arithmetic, the intellectual challenge of equations and formulas, all whilst sat at our desks for extended periods of time.

And then there was dance class. Fun, energetic and full of movement to stimulate the senses and invigorate the mind. Two classes, worlds apart in learning styles, but what if there was a way to blend the two together?

Creative Moves Dancer


Enter Creative Moves WA, who have developed, in partnership with Ausdance WA, a revolutionary program, based on current school curriculum, which combines dance and mathematics in an engaging and dynamic style.

The Maths Through Movement Program is a series of lessons where students explore mathematical concepts such as fractions, shapes, sums or symmetry, using their bodies and dance techniques. Lessons have already been developed for students ranging from Pre- Primary to Year 2 and the plan is to expand the program for students all the way through to Year 12.

Whether it’s creating a dance sequence that represents an addition problem, or using short movement sequences to learn skip counting, students are given an opportunity to embrace this new form of hands on learning, with some encouraging results for both students and teachers so far.

Creative Moves- Dancers

Creative Moves WA Co-Director, Rachael Bott, explained that, “Most students learn more effectively if their whole body is engaged in an activity”. Whilst Bott and her Co-Director, Lanie Mason, come from a wealth of experience within the dance industry, as well as professional qualifications from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), they explain how teachers need no prior knowledge of dance in order to successfully implement the program within their classrooms.

Bott added, “We are passing these skills on to generalist teachers who don’t need to have any dance experience, but who can see the value of multi-sensory, creative and arts-based learning for their students.”

Lanie Mason and Rachael Bott

This coming September, the 19th and 21st, will see Bott and Mason deliver two more professional learning workshops for teachers and education assistants, which will coincide with the public release of the first series of Maths Through Movement lesson plans. Maths has never been so exciting!

To find out more about the program, or to book a place on the workshop, visit the Creative Moves WA website or email

Below is more information about the teacher training workshops:

Flyer Creative Moves


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