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Matthew Mitcham

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Matthew Mitcham: OAM, Gold medal winning diver, singer, dancer and cabaret star is in Perth for the Pride Festival 2015.

He is performing his award winning, autobiographical, cabaret show ‘Twists and Turns’ this Friday night the 20th of November at Connections Nightclub at 6pm and again at 8pm.

Then on Saturday night he will be a guest of honour in the 25th annual Pride Parade.

He landed in Perth today making him a Perthonality for the weekend!
You can read our interview here:


Hi Matthew,
Welcome to Perth and thank you for your time.

We’re really excited to see Twists and Turns, Can you please tell us a bit about the show?

The show is surprisingly funny, particularly for a show that does have a strong mental health theme. It’s the story of my life, going from my unusual childhood, growing up as an only child with a single mother who had several undiagnosed disorders, then my journey through sport and my own story with mental health issues and then my journey back to regaining good mental health. And it’s all told with humour…. and a ukulele.

You have previously performed the show for Fringe in Perth, how has the show evolved since then?

It’s grown a lot since we first did it in Perth 2 years ago.   Obviously the story is still the same and it still addresses the same issues but the delivery is now more free and we banter more on stage. We have worked out some new jokes that we include now and we have a lot of fun with it.

Matthew Mitcham Twists and Turns

Considering you’re here for Pride how much of an impact does your ‘coming out’ story have in the show?

Yes my ‘coming out’ features in the show and the campness adds a whole extra bit of fun. Any excuse to be even gayer than normal is one that I will always jump on.

I’m also in the Pride Parade on Saturday night with my co-star Spanky who I’ve told has to be in full costume in the parade, in full drag!
So it will be myself, Jeremy the pianist and Spanky.

You’ve been to Perth a few times, is there anything that stands out or that you remember?

I like the whole Northbridge area in general especially during Fringe. And last time we were here we had lunch at The Cottesloe Beach Hotel which was really nice.   I also love the Mount Lawley café district.

Whereabouts did you grow up?

I grew up in Brisbane until I was 18 and then I moved to Sydney for diving and I’ve been there for 10 years now.

Speaking of diving, how is that going?

Yes, I’m still diving and training.

And are we going to see you in 2016?

That’s the plan!

Ok, so in regards to theatre, what does the future hold?

Well with the same team, we are writing a new show that should be ready in the second half of next year. Hopefully we’ll be back in Perth for Fringe the following year.

Fantastic.  We’ll look forward to it.
And lastly do you have any final messages for our readers.

Just to tell people to go to everything over Pride. See everything they can and take advantage of the festival and make the most of the next couple of days.


Thank you so much Matthew, we can’t wait to see your show and we wish you the best for whatever the future holds.

For tickets to Matthew’s show click here:   Twists and Turns – Tickets

There are 2 shows on Friday night the 20th of November, at 6pm and 8pm.

I’ve seen the show and I think you should definitely come to one of them.  Or both!


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