Millbrook Winery grounds

Millbrook Winery

Written by Tania Giorgetta
Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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Millbrook Winery is situated on Old Chestnut Lane in Jarrahdale.  The name and location evokes images of a quaint little place where the ducks swim freely and the birds fossick about the grapevines. You really couldn’t get much closer to the truth.

Millbrook is a boutique winery located an hours drive south-east of Perth. The rolling hills on the property are covered with trees and a vineyard stands to attention in the distance.  The centrepiece of the property is the restaurant and function room complex which is nestled up next to a large lake. In the middle of the lake, keeping watch over the passers-by is an impressive statue of Dionysus, an apt choice considering he is the God of Wine.

Millbrook Winery grounds
Millbrook Winery grounds

The family owned and run property which stretches 120 hectares, comprises an orchard, a vegetable garden, vineyard, olive grove, restaurant and a cellar door where you can taste and purchase the Millbrook wines.

If you are looking for somewhere to go for a daytrip or a special occasion lunch, Millbrook is definitely worth the drive.  Leave enough time to have a look around the lake and take in the property and of course a few photos in the picturesque grounds.

After a few delicious tastes of the local elixir and an ‘all things wine’ related chat with the friendly sommelier, we took the stairs upstairs to the large restaurant which has sweeping views over the property.  The menu is small but different and interesting. It features dishes such as rabbit risotto, lambs tongue, tuna carpaccio, marron salad, pork terrine and exotic cheeses.  Much of the food on the menu is sourced from the property which only adds to the whole experience.  The chef and the restaurant have won numerous awards, and they were given an impressive 16.5 out of 20 by The West Australians tough food critic Rob Broadfield in 2013.  My party all commented on how peaceful and picture perfect our surroundings were as we sipped on a cold chardonnay and grazed over our long lunch.

Under the greenery
Under the greenery

As an alternative to the restaurant, you can purchase a picnic basket which the chef will make up for you using local ingredients and food sourced from Millbrook estate.  This can be enjoyed by the lake or in the grounds which would be a wonderful choice on a warm day or if you had children.

Millbrook restaurant can also double as a function room and they do weddings and special occasion events as well.  Check out the website for details- the link is below.

The restaurant is lovely and the tasting room is impressive, but for me, the main drawcard was the view and the grounds.  Have a look at our photo gallery below to get an idea of the panorama.

Opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday for lunch only with bookings essential. The tasting room is open 10am to 5pm on the same days.

Millbrook Winery- Come for the food, enjoy the wine and stay for the scenery.   A perfect way to while away the day over a vino or three.

The Millbrook Winery website link is here:
Millbrook Winery

All details correct at time of article being published but please check details with the venue before planning or booking.


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