Artwork on the wall in the cafe- Ootong and Lincoln

Ootong and Lincoln

Written by Tania Giorgetta
Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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If you are on Instagram and linked to any pages about Perth Art or Perth Street Art you will no doubt have come across the fabulous rainbow zebras which feature in the photo below.  They are fast becoming a feature in Fremantle and many people have posed for photos with these big colourful giants painted by Anya Brock.

The famous rainbow zebras
The famous rainbow zebras

Behind the zebras is a café which is affordable, delicious and quintessentially ‘Freo.’   Welcome to Ootong and Lincoln.  At 258 South Terrace, South Fremantle, it has become an institution amongst the locals.

I heard about Ootong and Lincoln and had seen many of the artworks from the café well before I had stepped foot in there; so I was delighted to finally get inside and sample the menu for a Sunday brunch recently.

The vibe in the cafe is relaxed and quite hipster.  The décor is ‘antiques roadshow’ meets ‘verge collection chic’ with a dash of ‘old classroom’ thrown in.

Everything is mismatched, but in a good way.   The food is delicious and the coffee at under $4 is cheap (cheap by Perth standards anyway.)

The large dining space with plenty of tables
The large dining space with plenty of tables

The café itself is large inside and there is a play area for children. You order at a counter which is in an odd position as any hint of a queue ends up cutting off the path to the kitchen so there was quite a lot of “excuse me” going on, but, granted Sunday morning is probably their busiest time.

There is a lot of interesting and vintage art about the place such as the old tricycles which line the upper walls and the display of old fashioned telephones above the tables on the right as you enter the cafe.

Old school phone art
Old school phone art

The food is all prepared from scratch on the premises and there is an emphasis on organic and healthy.

I knew I was in Fremantle when I was ordering at the counter and the guy before me ordered a soy latte with natural sweetener and the guy behind me wasn’t wearing shoes but had a man bun in his hair.

The menu is varied but familiar.  Things like potato cake, baked eggs, bircher muesli and rhubarb keep it interesting.   The lunch menu looked satisfying as well with pasta, burgers, sandwiches and the like.

Potato cake with bacon and eggs
Potato cake with bacon and eggs

There is a takeaway coffee counter which is a smart idea as it is also accessible from the outside and there is a large fridge with pre prepared goodies which people can take home and heat themselves.

Ootong and Lincoln is a little gem in South Fremantle.  Its relaxed feel and the art dotted around the walls makes you feel like you are having coffee at an old friends place. An old friend who wears cardigans and skinny jeans while talking about soy candles and ukeleles.


Please see our gallery below for more shots of the cafe




The Ootong and Lincoln website is here:  Ootong and Lincoln


Have you been to this cafe? 
What were your thoughts? 



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