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Our pick of the Fringe 2016

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It’s Fringeworld time again! One of our favourite times of the year.  Now in it’s 6th year, The Perth Fringe Festival keeps getting bigger and better. This year there are over 700 shows!!!  Fringe shows are short, cheap and fun.  You can easily go to 2 or 3 in a night so why not get out and see some shows this season.
Check out our picks of the Fringe below…

We have chosen shows that we can recommend because a lot of these performers have done great shows in the past or they have received good reviews or awards.

However, having said that, the beauty of Fringe is that you can discover new talent and try something different so don’t forget to be adventurous this year.
Happy Fringe!

Urban Orchard
The Urban Orchard near the Perth Cultural Centre where patrons can have a drink or bite to eat between shows.



Loaded: Girl shut your mouth | Tonsils and Tweezers

State Theatre of WA
22 Jan – 7 Feb

Loaded- A double bill of new plays
Loaded- A double bill of new plays

WA’s rising stars, fresh out of WAAPA, take The Lab by storm in two award winning plays out of the Emerging Writers Group. Hot young WA playwrights, Gita Bezard and Will O’Mahony, offer intriguing insights into the lengths some go to for friendship and the chance at a new life. What would you do?
Katie is going to a place where people are friendly, the drinks are minty and no one tells you how to live your life. Her friends, Mia and Grace, wracked with jealousy, resolve to join Katie on her journey. The only problem is the price of admission. Directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler.
Tonsils and Tweezers are best friends, have been since high school. All that changes on the day of their 10 year high school reunion, when Tweezers reveals that he has a sure fire plan to make sure no one talks about “what they’ve been up to…” Directed by Will O’Mahony.

Love and Hate

The Flaming Locomotive
9 – 13 Feb and 16 – 20 Feb

Love and Hate
Love and Hate

‘Love and Hate’ features three new dynamic duologues from award winning playwright Damon Lockwood. ‘Text’ examines the ultimate demise of a long term relationship; ‘Williamsburg’ explores a mid-term partnering that may be fracturing or repairing; and ‘Let’s Launder Together!’ presents new love burgeoning in the most unlikely of environments. Some of Western Australia’s most talented actors populate the show, including Talei Howell-Price, Benj D’Addario, Emily Brennan, Chris Sansoni and Salacia Briggs. Set and costume design is provided by the ever brilliant Cherie Hewson.
For anyone who has ever attempted the ridiculousness of starting a relationship, the baffling grind of staying in a relationship, and the heart-crushing sadness (or the wing-soaring elation!) of ending a relationship… then there will absolutely be something in this show for you.

Performing in the exciting new Fringe Venue of the Art Gallery of WA Theatrette. Lockwood Productions is thrilled to be bringing quality,new Australian theatre to the stage again. And as always, a night of huge entertainment is guaranteed.

Monroe and Associates

Frankie’s Caravan
22 Jan – 21 Feb

Monroe and Associates
Monroe and Associates

WINNER Martin Sims Award 2015.
Onlyu one person is in the “audience” of this show-  you!
A theatrical role-playing game for one.
You’ve woken up in Sunset City Hospital. You have no memory of who you are or how you got there. All you have is a black hat, a key to a caravan, and a name: Frankie Monroe – Private Detective. Over the next hour you must unscramble the past by solving puzzles, making phone calls and investigating an office full of secrets. With every step you take you sink deeper into your own dastardly fiction.
From the creator of The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer, It’s Dark Outside, BRUCE and Pollyanna comes an audaciously immersive theatrical experience unlike any other. Returning after a completely SOLD OUT four week season at last years Perth Fringe. Book now to avoid missing out.

Tinder Hearts

The Hidden Bar
5, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 20 Feb

Tinder hearts
Tinder hearts

This looks like fun.  A lighthearted laugh.
Ren and Isabella have been married for 6 years. When ‘Bella’ finds Ren on Tinder. She decides that something needs to be done to save their marriage. They decide to become ‘Swingers’ with hilarious consequences as we explore the true nature of couples who wish to ‘Swing’.
This play looks at married life and what could happen if you choose to deviate off the path of conventionality.



Lazy’s Susans Comedy Den
28,29,30 Jan and 4,5,6 Feb


Conversations is back for 2016. After hugely successful seasons in 2014 and 2015, Conversations is back. Come and see the talented improvisation troupe have everyday conversations that the audience have determined. Conversations in our lives take many forms, this show explores them all. Grab a group of friends and have a night of Conversations. You may even have a chance to have a go!!!

The Blue Room Summer Nights Program

There are 36 shows on at The Blue Room for the month of Fringe as part of the Summer nights program.
There are many that look amazing and theatre at the Blue Room is always interesting but our pick of these shows is:

The Great Ridolphi

The Blue Room
9 – 13 Feb and 16 – 20 Feb.

The Great Ridolphi
The Great Ridolphi

Brought to you by the creative team at The Last Great Hunt, “The Great Ridolphi” is created by three accomplished Perth theatre makers; Chris Isaacs, Adam Mitchell and Steve Turner.

How do you hold on to the world’s greatest escape artist?

Twelve years after the death of his father, Victor O’Meara is visited by detectives inquiring on the whereabouts of a missing Francesco Goya masterpiece.
Propelled by obscure items left to him, Victor seeks to uncover the truth behind his father’s involvement with one of the greatest art heists of the century and begins a quest that is part adventure, part mystery, and entirely enchanting.
As Victor delves further into his father’s past he finds himself in a place where blind women see, severed limbs are restored, and dead birds fly again. In a world of smoke and mirrors, in search of a man built around trickery and illusions, Victor unravels the mystery behind the identity of illusionist extraordinaire The Great Ridolphi.




Randy writes a novel

De Parel Spiegletent
1 – 7 Feb


Randy, the purple puppet, teams up with a typewriter in this hilarious new hour of spoken word and gratuitous arm movements. Kick back in an ornate tent in a pedestrian thoroughfare and watch keenly as Randy reads excerpts from his unpublished novel while getting distracted by his own hate-filled ramblings.
Randy has been performing his unique brand of stand up comedy since 2005 and depending on who you ask, his debut solo show was a highly revered runaway-cult-hit. He followed that up with the critically acclaimed ‘Randy is Sober’ in 2011, then got all introspective and shit with ‘The Last Temptation of Randy’ in 2013. He has appeared at festivals all over the world alongside his skinny compadre Sammy J, and their debut TV series ‘Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane’ on ABC TV
This show is what happens when Randy cuts sick for an hour


Barefaced Stories: Fringe World Gala Edition

The West Australian Spiegletent
1 and 15 Feb

Barefaced Stories
Barefaced Stories

Storytelling at it’s finest!
Barefaced Stories gets amidst the FRINGE WORLD mayhem in the magnificent Spiegeltent for with two massive nights of storytelling hosted by Andrea Gibbs (TEDxPerth, ABC Radio) and Kerry O’Sullivan.
The event of choice for Fringe World fans, Barefaced Stories Gala Edition promises to deliver an amazing array of piping hot talent revealing their deepest and darkest secrets.
Featuring the biggest & bests acts from around the globe, from circus performers to comedians, each will take to the stage with nothing but their true life tales – some humourous, some sad and some downright perverse! It’s a chance to get to know your favourite fringe acts a little more intimately.
Barefaced Stories is honest, risk- taking, refreshing entertainment that hits the spot!
Sure to be the night of nights in balmy Perth, so scoop up all your friends and head down to Fringe World to join in the fun…

Comedy- Variety shows.

I recommend comedy variety shows as they give you a taste of several comedians.
Shows I would recommend are:

Phat Cave: Late Night Comedy

The Gold Digger

Phat Cave
Phat Cave

22, 23, 29, 30 Jan  5, 6 Feb

Now in its 10th year Phatcave continues to own the late night festival circuit with MC Mickey D whipping up the comedy party late in to the night.
‘Catches Lightning in a bottle time after time’ The Scotsman, UK


Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! It’s the best of UK Fringe Comedy

The West Australian Spiegletent :  22- 27 Jan
Freo Royale  :  5, 6 Feb.


Back for it’s 3rd year in Perth, Laughing Horse Comedy presents it’s sensational smorgasbord of British comedic talent, with a comedy-club line-up featuring four top UK comedians for the price of one.
The show has had a sell-out run at Fringe World Festival 2014, and a near sell-out run in 2015, and there has also been further sell-out runs at the Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes in the UK.
With Laughing Horse Comedy riding back in to Perth, they bring with them some more of the finest UK and international comedians to hit FRINGE WORLD Festival – alongside some of the best international performers that have visited the UK to perform at the world’s largest Fringe in Edinburgh.
The comedians are all hand-picked from shows all around the Festival, to give you a night out where top laughs are guaranteed, and there’s also a different line-up at every show.

Best of The Edinburgh Fest

The West Australian Spiegletent
28 Jan – 8th Feb

Best of Edinburgh Fest
Best of Edinburgh Fest

Returning to Fringe World.… Best of the Edinburgh Fest is an indulgent serve of brilliantly funny business showcasing the hottest up and coming talent from the UK comedy scene. Best of the Edinburgh Fest is an unbeatable night of world-class comedy featuring three international acts for the price of one! This year’s line up includes the hilarious Stuart Mitchell (Scot), Danny O’Brien (Ire) and Prince Abdi (UK).


Le Gateau Chocolat

De Parel Speigletent
22 – 31 Jan

Le Gateau Chocolat
Le Gateau Chocolat

How do those in the spotlight become icons? How you become representative of something bigger than yourself? London born Nigerian Le Gateau Chocolat explores his experiences as a cabaret artist, and a drag performer, balancing that with his own personal identity at the end of the day.
Expect an eclectic mix of music; pop to opera, Kate Bush, and Whitney, Elvis to Wagner and Shirley to Gershwin as Le Gateau investigates his own objects of worship through the songs and music of his personal icons.




The Lunar Sensation
15 – 21 Feb


One of Perth’s best drag performers Barbie Q stars in this delightfully naughty show!

Have you ever felt NAUGHTY?   Have you ever felt SINFUL?
Come inside and discover your own desires, as we explore the 7 deadly sins with sexuality, fetish and aerial circus.

Join us in this twisted journey of discovery – a collaborative creation of cabaret with the MC stylings of drag diva BarbieQ, featuring dark circus from Kinetica, luscious burlesque from Sugar du Joure and fierce pole dance from Ruby Lai.





West Australian Speigletent
2 – 14 Feb


Briefs was my pick of the Fringe last year so if you haven’t seen this hilarious, talented, gorgeous group of men flying through the air and making us laugh and dancing up a storm in ridiculously high heels I suggest you get booking.  It sold out last year…. just sayin’

After a dazzling, sell-out run in 2014 and 2015, the larger-than-life BRIEFS boys return to Perth with their jaw-dropping, eye-popping mix of vaudeville, acrobatics and burlesque. They’ve spent the last year glitter bombing London, Berlin and Paris and now they’re back, with more circus skills, more disorder and more burlesque with balls.




Funk Club presents: A Funk Club Experience

The West Australian Spiegletent
19 – 21 Feb

Funk Club
Funk Club

In 1971 a legacy was born – ‘Soul Train’. A Saturday morning ritual that provided a loyal audience with a cutting edge in music, dance & fashion throughout the decades.
Funk Club presents an immersive and interactive experience, which captures the dance and style of a generation.
Join us as we take you on ‘The Hippest Trip in America’.




Cinderella’s Secret

The Parrot House
3 – 7 Feb

Hosted by Cha Cha Lavelle as Cinderella’s Wicked Stepmother, the cast includes Odile Devine as Rapunzel; Ginger Rabbit as the Little Match Girl; Darla Harland as the Ugly Duckling and ex-pat international performer Essie Foxglove in The Red Shoes. Also featuring winners of the Miss Burlesque WA 2015 Wild Card title, Zazel, as the Beast and Mr Boylesque WA 2015 winner, Bobbie Sox as the Huntsman; Monet Petite as Hansel and Gretel’s Evil Witch; Lady Lace as Snow White; Sugar Du Joure as Cinderella’s Jewish Fairy Godmother and Rose Noir as Cinderella.
Cinderella’s Secret will mesmerise, tantalise and terrorise you. But most of all, it will leave you begging for more.

No Lights No Lycra

Perth Town Hall
23rd JanNo Lights No Lycra

Your opportunity to dance in the dark. Really bust a move!
Following on from last year’s crowd-pleasing, booty shaking event, NLNL returns for one night only at Fringe World 2016 in the stunning Perth Town Hall.
This is a truly unique dancing experience where you are able to move freely without worrying how you look. There is no light, no teacher, no steps to learn, just free movement in the dark to a killer set from our live DJ. NLNL is a safe space where you can completely let go, shake out your stress, and lose yourself in the music. There are no disco balls, no phones, no dress code, no inhibitions, no judgement.
The darkness creates a certain kind of magic that forces you to forget about what you or the people around you look like, so that your brain can shut off and your body can move with the beat.
The best part? No-one is watching. They’re just dancing, too. Just come as you and be ready to get loose. Turn off the lights and turn up the music, it’s time to dance!


Children’s events

Famous Sharron : Make your own adventures!

De Parel Spiegletent
13, 14 and 20, 21 Feb.

Famous Sharron
Famous Sharron

Famous Sharron is very, very famous for nothing at all. As seen on TV, at Kids Wonderland and all over the internets!
Being so famous she gets to go on great adventures and meet all sorts of characters, and now she wants to take you along for the ride.
Join Famous Sharron and acclaimed illustrator Samantha Hughes as they create, make and illustrate their way into and out of some sticky icky situations!



Big Ticket Items

La Soiree

La Soiree Speigletent
22nd Feb – 6th MarchLa Soiree

The smash hit sensation of Fringe World 2015 is back! Impossible to define and impossible to resist, prepare to be amazed, amused, appalled, aroused, shocked, stirred and shaken as you enter the sexy, funny and dangerous world of LA SOIRÉE.

It’s 2 hours of fabulous circus, acrobats, comedy, puppets and more.  A great night out!



Palais De Glaces Speigletent
30 Jan – 21 Feb


LIMBO is dirty & dangerous circus-cabaret, whisking audiences worldwide into a sinister netherworld of jaw-dropping contortion,

gut-churning aerial acrobatics & staggering illusions.
This record-breaking, award-winning sensation is a celebration of otherworldly proportions, directed by Scott Maidment, and presented in a magnificent 1920s inspired Spiegeltent.
Music is a dominating force of the production, with New York’s Sxip Shirey composing exclusive music for the show with his ecstatic melodies, irreverent electric-acoustic noise and playful, sexy beats. Ringmaster Elyas Khan is accompanied by exceptional musicians Mick Stuart and Eamon McNelis.


Fartsurfer on the Big Screen

Perth Cultural Centre Screen
30 JanFart Surfer

A first for Fringe- A video game!
It is the 21st Century, and Global Warming has caused a tidal wave that is destroying the Earth! A fart with the power of a rocket is the only thing that will save Bazza the Bogan Surfer from death by wipeout! Dodge dolphins, trees, dunnys and debris to stay on the wave; power up with baked beans, and play the game on the big screen – only at Fringe!
Fart Surfer is the first offering by W.A based indi game studio, 1984 Games. Releasing on Steam and then on Android and iPhone platforms, at Fringe World this year you can play the game on the big screen system! A free event for all ages, come and see some of what’s happening in the local games industry.

2016 World Press Photo Winners

Art and Photography
Brookfield Place
19 Feb

Come celebrate the power of photography with the Australian debut of the 2016 World Press Photo winners at Brookfield Place Perth
Australian premiere of the 2016 World Press Photo winning images.

FairDay 2016

Hyde Park
7 Feb


Hyde Park will be receiving its annual rainbow makeover when Pride WA presents our community’s favourite day out, FAIRDAY, on February 7!
Nestled in the shady surrounds of Hyde Park, FAIRDAY is the perfect afternoon for you and your friends to embrace the summer sun and show us your pride. Enjoy a gourmet hamper or a selection of curated local food stalls, take in the sounds of talented local artists and family-friendly fun for everyone. FAIRDAY is dog-friendly and your adorable pooches are welcome to register for the most popular dog show of the year which takes place throughout the afternoon on the main stage. BYO is permitted if you drink responsibly. See you at FAIRDAY 2016! Entry is $5, door sales only on the day.

These are just some of the wonderful shows on at Fringeworld this year.
Please see the website link below for more information.  Enjoy the festival!

FringeWorld website 

Please note that many of these shows are rated R18+,  please check the Fringeworld website or published guide to ensure the show is suitable.  

NB: Seasons Online cannot be held accountable for changes in scheduling. Please check appropriate venue websites for further details before planning or booking.
Seasons Online gives a date range from opening to closing night but we cannot guarantee shows every night in between.  Please check the links above for exact dates.


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