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Our picks of the Fringe for 2015!

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It’s Fringeworld time! One of our favourite times of the year.  Now in it’s 5th year, each year The Perth Fringe Festival gets bigger and better.  Fringe shows are short, cheap and fun!  You can easily go to 2 or 3 in a night so why not get out and see some shows this season. Check out our favourites of the Fringe below…


Urban Orchard
The Urban Orchard near the Perth Cultural Centre where patrons can have a drink or bite to eat between shows. Entrance to the Spiegeltent on the right.




Venus in Fur

Black Swan State Theatre Company
State Theatre Underground | 22 Jan – 8 Feb | 8pm

A sexy and gripping exploration of domination and power – part comedy, part thriller. The play follows Thomas, a New York playwright so fascinated with fiery actress Vanda, he confuses fact with fiction, and becomes her willing slave, or does he? Things take a turn for the strange when Vanda comes to enjoy and abuse her newfound power.

Yoshi’s Castle

The Last Great Hunt
The Stables, Perth Cultural Centre | 3 – 9 Feb | 6:45pm

From the company that brought you ‘Elephents’ and ‘Falling Through Clouds’ comes the world premiere of Yoshi’s Castle.
Tilly never knew she had a half sister until her father died and Yoshi appeared in a cloud of mystery and glitter. Yoshi is everything that Tilly admires in a person; fun, hilarious, with bucket loads of swag. Yoshi in turn is very taken with her new sister and can see exactly where Tilly is going wrong in life, making lots of helpful suggestions like ‘don’t say swag’.
As Yoshi begins to exercise her control over Tilly, questions are raised about the story Yoshi has told, about their father, her past and who she claims to be.

Short Change

Sarah Reuben and George Gaylor of Ruby Gaytime.
Sarah Reuben and George Gaylor of Ruby Gaytime.

Ruby Gaytime
Noodle Palace |  4 – 7 February | 6:30pm

First date shoes: $120
Dinner for two at Urbanspoon’s top restaurant: $220
A lifetime with your soulmate: Priceless*
Follow a single coin as it passes from hand to hand to hand, in a series of top dollar vignettes which probe our relationship with money.

Summer Nights at The Blue Room Theatre

The Blue Room Theatre
A collection of many different shows  |  23 Jan – 21 Feb

Our pick of Summer Nights is:
Those Who Fall in Love Like Anchors Dropped Upon The Ocean Floor
23rd Jan at 8:30pm / 24-31 Jan at 9:30pm.
“Someone in love, they can wait… forever.”   From a Cold War Russian Submarine to a Parisian street and an Appalachian snowfield, this is a tale that transcends time. A story about fleeting moments, chance encounters and the shattering consequences of firing blind.

 The link to The Blue Room Fringe Season is here: Summer Nights



Frisky and Mannish: Just too much

United Kingdom
Circus Theatre | 23 Jan – 1 Feb | 9:30pm

Frisky & Mannish are BACK with a brand-new show. Now all grown up (just like Miley and Bieber) their barely-conscious recoupling marks the beginning of a new pop-comedy-mashup-infotainment era.

The Vaudevillians starring Jinkx Monsoon

United States
WA Spiegeltent  |  29 Jan – 6 Feb  |  10:30pm

Winner of Ru Pauls Drag Race, Jinkx Monsoon is back by popular demand.  This cabaret show set in the 1920 sees Kitty Witless (Jinkx) and Dr.Dan Von Dandy (Major Scales) touring speakeasies and burlesque theatres, wowing audiences with their edgy, original music. Unfortunately, one day, tragedy struck. While touring through Antarctica, they were victims of a devastating avalanche and were buried under two tons of sleet and snow – instantly freezing them alive. But thanks to global warming, they recently thawed out only to discover, that pop artists of various decades had stolen their music and passed it off as their own.


Lady Diamond
Lady Diamond and Simon Morrison Baldwin in Corps(e)

Simon Morrison Baldwin
The Court Hotel  |  2 – 14 Feb | 7pm  (Fridays and Saturday shows at 8pm)

“Dressed as a Man He Was None the Less a Woman; Dressed as a Woman She Was None the Less a Man.”
7-foot drag chanteuse Lady Diamond is Le Chevalier d’Eon – an unusual figure of a fascinating age – whose first 49 years were spent as a man, and whose last 33 years were spent as a woman.  As the Ancient Regime hurtles towards Revolution, Enter a world of politics, secrets, and scandals as we ponder the Enigma of the Age and try to answer the Mystery of His Sex.

Some Like it Yacht

Bootleg Comedy
De Parel Spiegeltent | 4 , 5 Feb : 10:15pm.   6 – 8 Feb :  11pm

Famous Sharron, hosts a hilarious ‘shabaret’ show of musical guests, celebrities and smooth pop-rock gems by eight-piece live band ‘Some Like It Yacht’.  Some Like It Yacht are a Perth-based tribute band dedicated to recreating the sophisticated and smooth pop sounds that ruled the FM airwaves in the 1970s and 80s known as Yacht Rock.

Le Gateau Chocolat: I heart chocolat

Strut and Fret production house
De Parel Spiegletent  |  23 – 28 Jan | 8:15pm

This is an exclusive party featuring a delectable hand-picked selection of musical arrangements, as random as a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get! But you can guarantee Le Gateau’s infectious energy and gargantuan voice will satisfy your festival taste-buds.
This is a bold, boundless and breath-taking performance not to be missed!




Briefs: The Second Coming

The boys from Briefs

Queensland Australia
The WA Spiegeltent | 28 Jan – 9 Feb  |  8:30pm
This is our number 1 pick of the Fringe!
But hurry it’s selling fast.

Briefs has played to sell out audiences at the last 2 years of Perth Fringeworld and have received rave reviews around the world.
Boylesque, circus, drag, comedy. Get ready for a madcap safari through extravagant birdbath boylesque, too close for comfort yoyo tricks, valiant aerial acrobatics, irreverent interludes, ferocious fan fare and show stopping drag artiste in Briefs; The Second Coming.

Club Briefs

Presented by Briefs and special guests
The WA Spiegeltent | Friday and Saturday nights | 30 / 31 Jan and 6 / 7 Feb | 12:30am

End your Friday and Saturday night Fringe going with a visit to CLUB BRIEFS. It all kicks off at half past midnight when cult boylesque cabaret hooligans and mischief makes BRIEFS host a late night romp of circus, variety and burlesque. See your favourite Briefs boys perform alongside a hand picked selection of gender offenders and talented troublemakers from all over the Fringe.

La Soiree

Strut and Fret and La Soiree
Palais de Glaces Spiegletent  |  28 Jan – 22 Feb  |  Various times between 5 and 9:30pm
(See Fringeworld website)

“Circus like you’ve never seen before – cheeky, clever, damn sexy.” SYDNEY TELEGRAPH. “Good nights out don’t come better.” TELEGRAPH UK. Fresh from sell-out seasons in NYC and London, this award-winning, five-star theatrical phenomenon makes its Perth debut. Jaw-dropping, singular, sexy and inexplicable acts. Sure to sell-out, book now!


Natural Elements
Big Top   |  2 – 13 Feb at 5:30  |  14 -15 Feb at 3:30

Elements is an award winning production that merges stunning aerial imagery with raw elements to show you how to fly against the odds.
You will be taken on a journey where brave artists battle against onslaughts of earth, wind and water … All while high in the air!   Suitable for the whole family


24 Hour Hoo Haa

Cut Snake comedy  |  Improvisation
The Moon  |  31st Jan  |  Starts at 10pm

Quick wits, audience participation, musical meanderings and artists under pressure. These are the moments where panic meets inspiration, where audiences become the muse and anything is possible.    It’s 3:28 in the morning and you are standing on stage with no script and in front of you is an eager Fringe World crowd waiting to be entertained.
The world is full of actors and musicians adhering to the rules of art, scripts, scores and director’s personal whims. 24 Hour HOO-HAA! takes away the rules and gives the freedom back to the artists. So what happens when you let the artists loose at all hours of the day and night?

An Evening with Sammy J and Randy

Sammy J and Randy
Sammy J and Randy

Laughing Stock Productions
The Gold Digger  |  17 – 21 Feb | 8:30pm

Since the moment of your conception, your entire existence has been leading to this glorious moment. The moment you settle into your seat, switch off all electronic devices, and immerse yourself in the sheer comedic powerhouse that is Sammy J and Randy. An hour of songs, smut and shenanigans from Australia’s most popular ARIA-nominated, Barry-award-winning, ham-and-cheese-foccacia-eating comedy duo. Drink it in. Bask in the glory. Guaranteed to change your life. No refunds.

Barefaced Stories

The Gold Digger  |  Wednesdays 28 Jan and 4, 11, 18 Feb | 10pm

Barefaced Stories gets amidst the Fringe World mayhem in the magnificent Gold Digger tent for four massive nights of storytelling.  Featuring your favourite fringe acts from around the globe, from circus performers to comedians, each will take to the stage with nothing but their true life tales – some humorous, some sad and some downright perverse! It’s a chance to get to know your favourite fringe acts a little more intimately.


Hannah Conda
Hannah Conda- host of Bingay

Bingo! With a drag queen!
Connections Nightclub  |  Thursdays 29 Jan and 5, 12, 19 Feb | 7:30pm

Join Perth drag royalty Hannah Conda as she brings her balls to Connections and Midlandia for Bingay! Get a group together and have a rowdy night playing bingo, as hosted by a drag queen. It’s rude, it’s crude and you’ll probably win a sex toy. This sold out in Midlandia in 2014, so book tickets quick! A no holds barred night of laughs – leave the kids at home for this one!


Late Night Comedy Variety night
The Gold digger | 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 Jan 6. 7 Feb | 11:30pm

Enter the Phatcave – the comedians’ late night playground, the after hours (un)safe haven where all your festival favourites let loose, go scriptless and face off with peers and audiences alike. Combining a unique blend of comedians and performers from every conceivable branch of the festival ; this is where their wonderful worlds meet, this is where the artists come to play.
One rule – “What happens in the cave, stays in the cave.”


Standup Comedy

Joel Creasey: Hurricane

The Gold Digger | 23,24,25 Feb  | 7pm
Lock the doors, batten down the hatches, for gods sake please take down that annoying wind chime…a storm is brewing…
Winning critical acclaim, celebrity fans and 5 star reviews around the world while leaving a trail of comedic annihilation in his wake, Joel Creasey returns to his home town with the world premiere of his new show.

Mickey D: Run

Mick and Boo
Circus theatre  |  4 – 9 Feb  | 6pm
RUN – A standup comedian hijacking his own motivational “TED” talk. Come and behold a self proclaimed champion snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Life Affirming. “Mickey D delivers a knock out hour of surprisingly strong impact”

Nath Volvo: Boy Next Door

The Gold Digger  |  31 Jan, 1 Feb  7pm,   2 Feb 6:15pm

This Nova FM host and The Project regular is fast becoming one of Australia’s hottest new comedians.   Boy Next Door is the follow up to Nath’s critically acclaimed 2014 show, Almost 30.
From Vegans to Tinder to Tony Abbott – no one is safe in this no-holds-barred brilliant hour of stand up.


Point and Shoot: a new musical

Point and shoot the musical
Point and shoot the musical

Holland St Productions
Teatro 1  |  23 – 28 Jan  |  9pm

It is the year 2042.  The film industry as we know it is dead; out of money and out of ideas.
A has-been producer and an ambitious young screenwriter believe they’ve hit the jackpot when a mysterious femme fatale offers them the rights to a little-known 60s television show … a property they believe they can use to revive mega-budget movie franchises!
But turning the adventures of Selma the Dutiful Housewife into an action-packed blockbuster turns out to be an exercise fraught with danger, intrigue and perils – with potentially apocalyptic consequences.

Sweet Dreams- Songs by Annie Lennox

Michael Griffith
De Parel Spiegeltent  |  3 – 5 Feb 3:15pm,   6,7 Feb 7pm
Award winning cabaret singer and former Jersey Boy star Michael Griffiths IS Annie Lennox with no accent, costume or wig. From the gender bending early days as one half of new wave sensation Eurythmics through to her stunning solo career, Annie’s bittersweet lyrics share stories of her triumphs and her heartbreak. Featuring unforgettable songs like Why, Love Is A Stranger, Walking On Broken Glass and There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart).

Impromptunes- Improvised musical

Hellenic Club  |  23-31 Jan  |  7pm

Impromptunes is a show unlike any other, combining the mischief of improvisation with the magic of musical theatre in a full-length production. Each night, and based on nothing more than a single audience suggestion, these brilliant performers will produce a 60-minute show full of song, dance, laughter and larger-than-life characters.  It’s unrehearsed. It’s hilarious. It’s a whole lot of fun.  It’s Impromptunes.


every / nowhere

Serena Chalker (WA)
The Chapel Space  |  4 – 15 Feb  | 7pm

every/nowhere is an immersive dance performance for an intimate audience, timed to individual sound scores. Blending improvisation, text and guided interactions, this performance exists in the in-between spaces – between here and elsewhere, past and present.
NB: The audience will be entering the performance at 3 minute intervals.


Mi Casa es Su Casa 

Riverview hotel  |  6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 Feb  |  Various times

Mi Casa es Su Casa is a thrilling new project designed by STRUT Dance and co-produced by Fringe World. Three choreographic teams are invited to let their fantasies run riot in Perth’s iconic Riverview Hotel and make it their home.
Now they are inviting you inside to make it yours…



No Lights No Lycra

Dancing in the dark
Spiegeltent  |  1 Feb  |  8pm

NLNL is a date with you on the dance floor. It’s your time. Your time without communication, your time to dance on your own and purely for yourself. You are completely free to switch off from everything. When the lights are out you are free to be yourself without worrying about the outside world.  No Lights No Lycra is a daggy dance-off. Wear whatever you feel comfortable letting loose in, and get ready to dance like no-one’s watching – because no-one is!

Mermaids After Dark

Mermaids after dark
Mermaids after dark

 Pleasure Garden- Mermaid tank
Friday and Saturday nights throughout the festival  |  10pm

Our Mermaids are suiting up and stripping down for a very special series of After Dark performances. Make a date with some of Fringe World’s most notorious circus, burlesque and cabaret performers for this very sexy late night show.


Lords of Strut- The Family Show

Circus theatre  |  7 and 8 Feb  |  4pm

Irelands most lovable idiots bring their mischief and mayhem on tour; a show for the whole family, you can even bring your granny!
Brothers Famous Seamus and Sean-tastic will do anything to be famous, really anything!
Satire, surrealism and silly comedy with flashes of surprising acrobatic skill and dance routines makes Lords of Strut, bright, tight and incredibly funny live entertainment!
If your lucky you might even end up as Sean’s adopted family! Get ready for some side splitting because everyone leaves this show laughing!

Crafternoon- Make a Kewpie Doll

Make a kewpie doll
Make a kewpie doll

Pleasure Garden | 24 and 25th Jan |  3pm

Bring your kids along and make a kewpie doll.   Think Summer of the 17th Doll!
We have the real deal traditional Kewpies and will have tables piled high with coloured glitter, diamantes, sequins, feathers, lace, ribbons, bows, tulle, sparkles and all sorts of sugar, spice and all things nice. Decorate your Kewpie as a traditional glamour gal or have fun reinventing the your Kewpie any way you like. A black feathered Kewpie, a zombie Kewpie, a punk Kewpie!
Nostalgic parents, young children, hipsters and retro-maniacs are all welcome at our Make-a-Kewpie Crafternoon. Come join us on a little trip down memory lane.


These are just some of the wonderful shows on at Fringeworld this year.
Please see the website link below for more information.  Enjoy the festival!

FringeWorld website 


Please note that many of these shows are rated R18+,  please check the Fringeworld website or published guide to ensure the show is suitable.  


NB: Seasons Online cannot be held accountable for changes in scheduling. Please check appropriate venue websites for further details before planning or booking.
Seasons Online gives a date range from opening to closing night but we cannot guarantee shows every night in between.  Please check the links above for exact dates.



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