Of the Season
Artwork on the wall in the cafe- Ootong and Lincoln
Places to Eat

Ootong and Lincoln

Our “Place To Eat” of the season is Ootong and Lincoln cafe in South Fremantle. It is well known for the rainbow zebras which greet you as you enter but it also has delicious food, good coffee and lots of other great art as well. Read on for our thoughts and some photos.

New York Skyline
Our World

New York City!

New York is a pretty special place. There is an electricity in the air and an excitement on the streets. People walk fast, it seems like everyone is going somewhere in a hurry. Everything is big and grand and fabulous. Read on for some tips and hints in our travel article.

Air - Lighter Topics

Easter Lunar Eclipse

Do you ever wonder why the dates for Easter change each year? It is all to do with the moon and is explained further in this guest post from our favourite astronomer, Galaxy Girl. There is also a lunar eclipse on this weekend so grab your chocolate and settle in for a night of gazing upwards.

Photos Out and About
Intrude South Perth Fiesta

Intrude. Art installation

Perth has recently been visited by Giants and Sculptures. The latest large pieces of art to grace our shores are huge, inflatable, illuminated rabbits. It’s all part of the South Perth Fiesta and is on every night this week. Get down to the foreshore to say hello to “Intrude” an art installation by Amanda Parer.

Of the Season
Millbrook Winery grounds
Places to Eat

Millbrook Winery

If you’re looking for somewhere different to go for a long, lazy lunch, then Millbrook Winery would be a great choice. Good wine, interesting food and a stunning view all make the 1 hour drive worthwhile. Check out our thoughts and especially our pictures below.