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PAW featured Photos November 2015

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Our Photo A Week Challenge (or PAW) is going really well.
Check out the Featured photos from November in our scrolling gallery here, and why not join us this month!

All the info you need is here.

Photo Credits

Week 10 – Accessory

From Instagram

Top. @marnie27 @sadiemccready @photos_by_fleur
Middle. @shazinart
Bottom. @beefybrad @angiembee @robmcb


1 of 3)  All about people and their accessories.

1. Raema Vernon Gooch. Shirley Knapp. Anne Paterson
2. Bradles McBell. Julie Chesson. Leonie Woodley
3. Annie Horner. Shirley Knapp. NJ Rovašanin

2 of 3) All about accessories for our bodies and ones we wear.


1. Raema Vernon Gooch. Carrole Franklin Shaw. Sharon Hoonhout
2. Elaine McKnowles. Carrole Franklin Shaw. Wendy Mahoney
3. Shirley Knapp. Wendy Mahoney. Christina Koutroubas

3 of 3)   All about drinks, food, electrics and a dog.


1. Sharon Hoonhout. Michelle Sewell. Gavin Chadwick
2. Mark Leake. Annie Horner. Elaine McKnowles
3. Stephanie Hales. Natalie Daniels. Elisa Triscari Reale


Week 11. Letter


1- @beefybrad
2- @shazinart @anniehorner
3- @ndi2005 @robmcb @beefybrad


1 of 2)   All about letters and signs.

1. Gavin Chadwick. Carrole Franklin Shaw. Dianne Dyer
2. Julie Chesson. Carrole Franklin Shaw. Angela Chambers
3. Wendy Mahoney. Leonie Woodley. Wendy Mahoney

2 of 2)  All about words, mail and notes.

1- Shirley Knapp. Bradles McBell. Raema Vernon Gooch
2. Elaine McKnowles. Carrole Franklin Shaw. Sharon Hoonhout
3. Belinda Baker-Millett. Shirley Knapp. Stephanie Hales

Week 12.   Pastel


1. @beefybrad @shazinart
2. @sadiemccready @ndi2005


1 of 2)   All about flowers, oceans and the sky.

1. Belinda Baker-Millett. Wendy Mahoney. Dianne Dyer
2. Elaine McKnowles. Julie Chesson. Gavin Chadwick
3. Sarah Roberts. Helmy Mulders. Carrole Franklin Shaw

2 of 2)   All about objects, art, spaces and faces.

1. Raema Vernon Gooch. Sharon Hoonhout. Angela Chambers
2. Shirley Knapp. Kylie Donohue. Carrole Franklin Shaw
3. Liz Aitken. Mel Ballantyne. Annie Horner



Week 13. Fruit and Veg.


1. @rosegrandilepizzi @robmcb
2. @angiembee @beefybrad


1 of 3)    All about Fruit!

1. Ed Sloth. Rose Grandile-Pizzi. Belinda Baker-Millett
2. Carrole Franklin Shaw. Shirley Knapp. Sandra Innis
3. Raema Vernon Gooch. Grace Stewart. Wendy Mahoney


2 of 3)  All about vegetables!

1. Christina Koutroubas. Gavin Chadwick. Michelle Sewell
2. Sharon Hoonhout. Marnie Woodley. Bradles McBell
3. Mark Leake. Elaine McKnowles. Dianne Dyer

3 of 3)    All about fruit related people and things.

1. Carrole Franklin Shaw. Sharon Hoonhout. Natalie Daniels
2. Shirley Knapp. Angela Chambers. Annie Horner
3. Elisa Triscari Reale. Wendy Mahoney. Kylie Donohue





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