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PAW Featured Photos- September

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Our Photo A Week Challenge is fun, creative and easy.  You can play along with us on Facebook or Instagram.  More info and guidelines here.

Each week we have a different theme and at the end of each week Hairy picks his favourites to be put into Feature Photo Collages.

Week 1 – Spring – had it’s own post which you can look at here.

Please see the scrolling gallery below for the first month of Feature Photos.
September 2015- The themes were Looking Up, Sky and Pop of Colour.

(nb: Photo Credits are after the Gallery.)

Photo Credits

Week 2 – Looking Up

Featured Photos from Facebook # 2

TL. Kylie Donohue | TC. Angela Chambers. | TR. Julie Chesson |
ML NJ Rovašanin. Centre. Liz Aitken. |. MR. Marnie Woodley. |.
BL. Joe Reale. BM. Mel Ballantyne. |. BR. Wendy Mahoney

Featured Photos from Facebook # 1

TL. Penny Lee. | TC. Elisa Triscari Reale. |. TR. Helmy Mulders. |
ML. Mark Leake |. Centre Liana Marrone. |. MR Robyn McCausland.
BL. Beth Rice. |. BC. Melanie Henderson. |. BL. Christina Koutroubas


TL. @shazinart |
ML @beefybrad |
BL @xanderah |
Centre @robmcb |
TR @sadiemccready |
MR @anniehorner |
BR @photos_by_fleur |

Week 3 – Sky

All about sunsets

1- Angela Chambers | Kylie Donohue | Marnie Woodley
2- Wendy Mahoney | Gillian Wolozny | Elaine McKnowles
3- Beth Rice | Liana Marrone | Julie Chesson

All about blues and storms.

1- Natalie Gidley | Penny Lee
2- Annie Horner | Mark Leake | Elisa Triscari Reale | Leonie Woodley
3- Christina Koutroubas | Chantal Foley


TL @photos_by_fleur
ML @beefybrad
BL @shazinart
TC @lwoodley
BC @sadiemccready
Rt @robmcb

Week 4 – Pop Of Colour


1.   @shazinart  |  @angiembee |  @ndi2005
2.  @sadiemccready  |  @beefybrad |  @anniehorner
3.   @robmcb |  @jellyfishking63  |  @beefybrad

All about scenes and art.

1. Elaine McKnowles | Elisa Triscari Reale
2. Helmy Mulders | Christina Koutroubas
3. Angela Chambers | Shirley Knapp
4. Amy Gilbert | Joe Reale

All about objects.

1. Wendy Mahoney | Natalie Browton
2. Penny Lee | Rachel Williams
3. Natalie Daniels | Julie Chesson | Michelle Sewell

All about hair and faces.

1. Ivette Herzog | Kylie Donohue
2. Liz Aitken | Marnie Woodley
3. Leonie Woodley | Beth Rice


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