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The Perth Independent Theatre Festival is a month of shows at the Subiaco Arts Centre from the 3rd of June to the 4th of July 2015.  It gives independent artists an outlet to stage their works and produced some amazing work last year.   This year’s lineup looks just as great!  Read on for an outline of the shows running and a link to get tickets.

The Independent Theatre Festival is proudly presented by the Perth Theatre Trust.

Independent Theatre Festival


3rd – 6th June.

Lockwood Productions
Performed by:  Sam Longley and Damon Lockwood.
Directed by:  Mark Storen
Perth Theatre Trust

In Francis Ford Coppola’s 1975 groundbreaking film The Godfather, the head of a prize horse is cut off and placed in the bed of a Hollywood producer.

Horsehead is about the two men charged with this gruesome task…

These men (The Fonzie Brothers) are gangsters on the rise, so when this extreme job gets rung through they know they have to step up and deliver.   But there are significant obstacles to overcome, including the younger brother’s reluctance to enter gangster life, and the small issue of the older brother being a passionate horse lover.

HorseHead is snappy and tight, with enough twists to keep even the most experienced gangster constantly looking behind their back.

Winner of the 2012 Roma Fringe Festival, Best Play and nominated Best Play at the WA Equity Guild Awards 2009




Tomás Ford; The Final Chase

10 – 13th June.

Tomás Ford

In the depths of the south-east Asian jungle, international assassin and award-winning Australian electronic cabaret genius Tomás Ford has a revelation; maybe he needs to stop killing people.

But it’s never that simple in the spy game. Be seduced into a world of dark alleys, deadly seductresses and international intrigue through a combination of cabaret, live beats and video projections filmed around south-east Asia and the world.

Scotsman’s Best Shows (Free Fringe, 2012) 
Best WA Cabaret (Fringe World Awards, 2013)

Show contains drug references and some coarse language.

Tomas Ford
Tomas Ford


The Night Guardian

17 – 20th June.

Ellandar Productions
Perth Theatre Trust

Writer + Performer: Jessica Messenger
Director: Lawrie Cullen-Tait

With GREAT POWER comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY- This is the ethos of Spider Man.

Your city has been plunged into a dark, broken, post-war world. The government employs The Night Guardian to protect you. Dr. Chaos, a renegade journalist, is the voice that will not be silenced who believes he brings the darkness into the light. Is the safety of a weapon truly determined by who controls it? Is the Night Guardian blind to a dystopian world or is Dr. Chaos just a madman in a mask?

The Night Guardian
The Night Guardian


How We Ruined MacArthur’s Markers

24 – 27 June.

Ludicrous Displays

Book and lyrics: Cal Silberstein and Thomas Owen
Music: Jackson Griggs

Felix MacArthur is a lazy, needy, good-for-nothing genius.

Marcus MacArthur is an irresponsible, overwrought, unfocused salesman.

Lillian MacArthur is their selfish, manipulative, cancerous mother. Family… It’s a funny business

MacArthur’s Markers is an original musical comedy in two acts.  The musical follows the story of Felix MacArthur, a directionless young man who conceals his identity in order to work for his long lost older brother, celebrity pen-salesman, Marcus MacArthur, in a desperate bid to save his dying mother.

MacArthur’s Markers is an energetic exploration of family, money and lies set against a backdrop of fast paced office comedy and an upbeat jazz score. The show asks vital questions of family relationships. Can they be broken? Can new ones be formed? And if so, are they worth preserving?

How We Ruined MacArthur’s Markers
How We Ruined MacArthur’s Markers


the boat goes over the mountain

1st – 4th July.

Happy Dagger Theatre
Perth Theatre Trust

Writer and Performer: Andrew Hale
Producer: Renee Hale
Designer: India Mehta
Music: Craig Williams

“Drink the medicine, take the trip, listen to the vine, find your answer.”

Originally presented by The Blue Room Theatre, the boat goes over the mountain is one man’s mesmerizing true tale of drinking the hallucinogenic Ayahuasca in Peruvian shamanic ceremonies.

Nine mind-altering trips are told with self-deprecating humour, sweet, subtle, interactive music and an ingenious dynamic set.

From the same jungles of Peru where Werner Herzog battled to haul a 320-ton boat up a 40 degree slope for his film Fitzcarraldo, a man recounts  his “hilariously accurate adventure”; two men in different times, each struggling with his own ‘heart of darkness.’

The shaman is here, it’s time for ceremony.  Keep your intention clean and clear and always know where your bucket is.

The boat goes over the mountain
The boat goes over the mountain



The Festival’s website for more info and booking is here:

Independent Theatre Festival


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