Spring Flowers in Japan

Photography: Spring flowers in Japan

Photos by Kim Evans

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Kim Evans

Kim is currently living in Perth having recently returned from spending some time in Japan.  He sent us this beautiful collection of his macro flower photography, which was taken over there in the springtime.  Thank you Kim.


Kim EvansA word from the photographer:
I first got seriously into photography when I was living in Saga, Japan, between 1998 and 2000.  Over the years I’ve come to specialise in macro photos of flowers, in particular native orchids, as well as body portraiture.
Quite recently I have been experimenting with overlaying these two subjects over each other (as seen on my headshot.)   I have just recently returned from another year in Japan, this time in the verdant alps of Nagano.  It was on this trip that I took these macro shots of the flowers.  
Many of them were just in gardens of houses in my neighbourhood.”


You can see more of Kim’s work on his Tumblr account here:    Tumblr


The gallery of his macro flower collection is below:





What are your thoughts on Kim’s photos?
Are you into macro photography?
Have you been to Japan?


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