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Written by Tania Giorgetta
Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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Print Hall’s address is on St Georges Terrace but actually it is set back from the main street and the entrance is quietly nestled between 2 buildings.  Blink and you’ll miss it.  But what it lacks in street presence it certainly makes up for once you step inside.   The entrance itself is dark and understated.  Modern blacks, dark greys and steel clad horizontal lines leave you feeling like you are entering an urban industrial building.   However once you pass the heavy set doors, the room opens up and you find yourself in a cathedral-like open space with brass accents shining in the sunlight which is filtered down through the high windows.   Welcome to Print Hall.

Print Hall is named such as it was once the building that housed the old newspaper house;  The West Australian newspaper was printed here.   It is a heritage listed building and the venue now pays homage to its original function.

In June of 2012 it was opened as Perth’s first multi-level dining and bar precinct.  Print Hall now houses four levels of eating and drinking experiences with 5 venues under its ornately decorated ceilings.

The top level contains a rooftop bar called “Bob’s Bar” named after former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.  Here, punters can while away the night with a beverage or three and enjoy the view out over the city buildings.   Pride of place in Bob’s Bar is the original “The West Australian” sign.

On level 1 of Print Hall you can find “The Apple Daily Bar and Eating House,” named after Hong Kong’s popular daily newspaper.  Here people can enjoy Asian style street food and exclusively West Australian beers and wines.

On the lower level of Print Hall is “Small Print” a casual coffee and lunch spot focusing on high quality brewed coffee beans and more simple lunches.  As of recently they are also open for breakfast from 7am to 11am weekdays.

On the ground level beyond the Main Bar is the fine dining area of Print Hall.  The “Dining Room,” once the site of the printing presses which churned out the newspapers, is now a luxurious restaurant which boasts many awards and accolades.  Executive Chef Shane Watson and Head Chef Daniel Fisher along with sommelier Daniel Wegener have all won awards for their work.  Print Hall’s Dining Room with its 22,000 bottle wine collection recently won the Australian Wine List of the Year Award.  The original timber features in the dining room and serves as another homage to the heritage building.  The menu is modern European / Australian and they also offer a degustation menu.

The Main Bar, also situated on the ground floor, is large and open.  It has tables with high stools and space to sit at the bar.  The bar in itself is a piece of art with brass shelves and old fashioned lamps as the feature pieces.  Patrons can order food and drinks from the bar menu which is reasonably priced and varied.

Print Hall overview
Looking down over the Main Bar

The building showcases many features of the old newspaper print hall days.  “The Apple Daily” restaurant displays stacks of old newspapers to decorate the void above the tables.  The walls leading up to Bob’s Bar are wallpapered with old newspaper sheets.

There is something to suit everyone’s taste, budget and  time constraints to be found in Print Hall, so next time you are in the city why not drop in for a beer, a meal or a fine dining experience.  Great food, a variety of choices and a fantastic selection of drinks, all consumed in a beautiful art deco inspired display of old meets new.  The building itself with all its history and natural light is the star of the show.


Print Hall’s website is here….   Print Hall

Please see below for some photos and for some of the lunch food in the main bar.



Have you been to Print Hall?      What was your experience like?


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