Jacarandah trees in Perth

Purple Carpet

Written by Tania Giorgetta
Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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Last week I wrote a piece in the newsletter about relationships and the beautiful Jacarandah trees which are popping up all over Perth this month.  It had the biggest response of any newsletter I’ve written so I thought I’d turn it into a blog post.  Read on for my piece entitled “Purple Carpet”  and find out how a relationship is like a tree.


I have been a bit reflective this month because a few weeks ago it was my 3rd wedding anniversary and as is often the case on occasions like these you find yourself looking back and doing a bit of a stocktake on the time that’s passed.

I have also been loving the Jacarandah trees which are popping up all over the city and painting the skyline in deep purples, vivid violets and soft lilacs. They are such beautiful trees and they remind me of our wedding day where they provided the backdrop for our celebrations.

Jacarandah trees in Perth


As I said, I have got to thinking about marriage recently, not just my marriage but all marriages, (actually all relationships)  and what they mean.

My parents have been married for almost 40 years so they are a fantastic example of working together, enduring the tough times and cheering each other on during the good times.

In many ways a marriage, or a partnership, is like the beautiful trees which are currently peppering our streets.

Jacarandah trees in Perth
There needs to be a strong trunk; the core values and way of looking at the world need to be aligned.
Then there are many branches which are our family, friends and work;  these can intersect or not, sometimes the branches will be thick and heavy and sometimes they will be thin and delicate and that’s OK.
Then there are the leaves;  our hobbies, interests, things that make our souls sing.  Sometimes they’re there, sometimes they drop off but that’s OK too.
And lastly there’s the flowers.  These are our emotions and they can definitely fluctuate.  Sometimes we are happy and all is well,  sometimes we get sad news, or don’t see eye to eye, or we are in a bad place and that’s when we have to hold hands, stay grounded and wait for the flowers to return.
Sometimes the flowers have fallen off altogether and are on the ground.  In these times we can only walk on the colour and know that the purple carpet which cushions our feet will one day be back on the tree.

Jacarandah trees in Perth
I’m not saying it’s easy, in all relationships there are ups and downs and sometimes the tree is just dead, plain and simple.  No amount of water or fertilizer will bring it back.  And that’s OK too.  Those trees make the best firewood.

But sometimes if you look carefully there is a glimmer of hope and you notice a tiny green shoot right up the top on one of the highest branches. With a bit of care and kindness and communication and love that shoot becomes a branch and maybe soon your tree will be back in full bloom.

Jacarandah trees in Perth
Anyway, these thoughts have been swaying in the breeze this month so I thought I’d share them with you…


Tania xxx


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