Revelation Film Fest 2015

Revelation Film Festival

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The Revelation Film Festival which runs between the 2nd and the 12th of July 2015  includes over 120 international films presented at cinemas, galleries, cafes and bars across Perth.

Below is our pick of 10 films which are being shown over these 10 days as well as 2 mini film festivals all presented within the Revelation Film Festival.  This festival is a great way to see something different and to broaden your film scope.
There is a link to the Revelation Film Festival website at the bottom of this post which contains more information about the films and details on how to book. 


Last Cab To Darwin


Rex (Michael Caton) is a cab driver from Broken Hill. On the surface he appears as a simple man whose days are spent driving miners to the airport, whose evenings are spent drinking a beer with a handful of old mates and whose mornings pass by as he has tea with his neighbour Polly (Ningali Lawford). But underneath the apparent simplicity of his daily life Rex is in poor health. Now, facing bad news he understands that he wants to control his final moments, meanwhile in Darwin Dr Farmer (Jacki Weaver) may have the perfect solution. Rex just needs to drive there.

A uniquely Australian road movie, director Jeremy Sims delivers what will undoubtedly become a classic, based on a script by Reg Cribb and Jeremy Sims  – the film is the product of a Perth dream team whose resumes include 2006’s Last Train To Freo.

Ticket includes the Film and the Festival Opening Party afterwards.
Fri 2nd July, 7:30 – Luna Leederville.    More info here: Opening night film and party!

Regular film screenings for Last Cab to Darwin:

Fri 3rd July, 8:35 – Luna SX
Sat 4th July, 5:30pm – Luna Leederville
Sun 5th July, 5pm – Luna Leederville

Last Cab to Darwin
Last Cab to Darwin

Best of Enemies


1968 and in the USA William F Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal face off in a series of television debates at the Republican and Democrat Conventions. Both men were seen as intellectuals and opinion makers at the top of their game, one from the conservative right and one from the left. What followed was more than a clash of political ideas; rather it was a battle between two very different visions for the very future of the USA.­

Sun 5th July, 5pm – Luna SX
Wed 8th July, 6:30pm – Paradiso
Sun 12th July, 2:15pm – Luna Leederville


Of Horses and Men

Iceland / Germany / Norway­

Winning twenty-awards from film festivals across the world, Of Horses and Men is a beautifully filmed feature that focuses on the complex relationships between horses and people in a remote Icelandic community. These relationships are explored through a series of interrelated short stories, which build into a tale of horses, humans and the nature of community.

Moving through the mythic and the poetic, the naturalistic and the comic, the tragic and the absurd, these stories explore all facets of emotion and our relationship to the world around us.

Director Benedikt Erlingsson creates a visually stunning Iceland, emphasising the human and animal interdependence against the vast barren landscape. He punctuates his film with close-ups of horse eyes as they watch the human protagonists, building an equine understanding of the humans whose lives intersect with theirs. This serves to create a film about both horses and riders that positions the horses as central to the narrative. In Of Horses and Men Erlingsson has created a unique, special work.

Sat 4th July, 12noon – Luna SX
Sun 5th July, 9:15pm – Luna Leederville
Tues 7th July, 8:30pm – Paradiso
Thurs 9th July, 9pm – Luna SX
Sat 11th July, 5:15pm Luna Leederville

Of Horses and Men
Of Horses and Men

Iranian Film Festival


A mini festival within the festival screened at Cinema Paradiso.
Each film screens twice between the dates of the 3rd and 12th of July.
The Iranian film festival consists of five films entitled:     (clickable links)

Please see Revelation Film Fest website for dates and times.
Link at bottom of post. 


Kids Animation screening (free event)


To register for tickets you have to email

Wed 8th July 2015, 2pm – WA State Library

This program returns the simple fascination and wonder of animation to Kids.

Not a toy ad in sight, it has been carefully chosen to connect with the imaginations of the most discerning audience there is. Lots of clever animals, plenty of laughs and a couple of scary moments for good measure.

Kids Animation
Kids Animation


Song of the Sea­

Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Denmark­

This Irish film by Tomm Moore, director of The Secret of the Kells (2009) – draws on the ancient Celtic myth of the selkie – beings that appear as humans on the land and as seals under the ocean. Telling the story of a small family who live in a lighthouse, the film follows Ben, his mute sister Saoirse and their father, Connor (voice of Brendan Gleeson) as they learn to cope with the loss of their mother.  It is a tale of magic,  myth and family as Saoirse and Ben work together to find their way home and unlock the mysteries of the ancient stories that their mother has told them.

Traditionally animated, Song of the Sea is a beautifully realised, poetic work that will stay with audiences long after the credits have rolled.  Nominated for an Academy Award in 2015 The Song of the Sea has wowed critics and audiences all around the world. It will enthral adults and children alike and is destined to become a classic due to its magical storytelling and visual splendor.

Sat 4th July, 12noon – Luna Leederville
Sat 11th July, 12noon – Luna SX


Polish Film Festival in Perth


A mini festival within the festival screened at Cinema Paradiso.
Each film screens once between the dates of the 3rd and 11th of July.
The Polish film festival consists of five films entitled:   (clickable links)

Please see Revelation Film Fest website for dates and times.
Link at bottom of post. 

Tehran Taxi


One of the best films for a very, very long time and a huge international film festival must see.

Despite being banned from filmmaking for twenty-years in 2010, the acclaimed Iranian director Jafar Panahi returns with the award winning, crowd pleasing Tehran Taxi, shot in secret despite the ban – and the constraints produce a film of the highest order.

Following a day-in-the-life of a Tehran cab driver – played by Panahi – as he criss-crosses the Iranian city with a gaggle of customers with whom he shares brief encounters and short adventures. What emerges is absolutely touching, absolutely funny, deeply personal and beautifully political. Taxi offers a portrait of the city’s inhabitants and, more than this, of the streets of the city itself.

The delicate, beautiful minimalism of the film – necessitated by the process of true guerrilla filmmaking – serves to emphasise the personal nature of Taxi. The various customers offer numerous insights into life in contemporary Iran, as well as the wider human-condition.

An exceptional movie and a perfect example of how much a true artist can create despite the odds.

Sat 4th July, 8:25pm – Luna Leederville
Sun 5th July, 7:30pm – Luna Leederville
Sat 11th July, 7pm – Luna Leederville
Sun 12th July, 6pm – Luna SX


Tehran Taxi
Tehran Taxi

What Lola Wants


A cult film in the making, What Lola Wants is a classic road movie thriller.

Teenager Lola Franklin has run away from home, but everyone thinks she’s been kidnapped and she’s happy for them to believe that story. But then she meets Marlo in a diner and everything changes. Love and the open road beckon, but nothing can go smoothly when the world is hunting for you, and everybody wants a taste of the reward. Lola has her own reasons for running, and Marlo has issues of his own. And then there is the small –and lethal – problem of Mama.­

Fri 3rd July, 10:20pm – Luna Leederville
Sun 5th July, 7:15pm – Paradiso
Mon 6th July, 8pm – Luna SX
Sat 11th July, 6:45pm, Luna Leederville (Limited tickets)

The Tribe


The Tribe tells the story of deaf youths who appear to have been all-but abandoned in an institution. The institution’s paint cracked corridors, small dorms, workshops and courtyards become a world in which bullies and borderline criminals dominate and the youths face a daily struggle to both fit in with the other teenagers and dominate those weaker than themselves.

With the youths communicating only in sign language and a soundtrack that carefully emphasises the almost silent world they inhabit, the film offers a deeply effecting depiction of the daily battle for survival in the institution.


Sat 4th July, 6pm – Paradiso
Thurs 9th July, 6:30pm – Luna SX
Sat 11th July, 12noon – Paradiso
Sun 12th July, 4pm – Luna Leederville

The Tribe
The Tribe

Parkerville Amphitheatre-
Sets, Bugs and Rock n Roll


Those of you of early Rev vintage will fondly remember the Parkerville Ampitheatre regularly appearing in live performance and gig guides in Perth for many years. You’ll also remember the four quarters of Perth music and arts culture: City/Northbridge, Fremantle, Scarborough and the Hills. Each had their own feel and culture and each was a trek…but hey…maybe it’s still the same!

Closing in 2001 (4 years after Rev’s sticky carpet beginnings) but opening in 1971, the Parkerville Ampitheatre was the brainchild of artistic visionary John Joseph Jones who dedicated the space to providing a platform for alternative art, music and performance in Perth – and it rocked!

A haven for blues and boogie as well as providing the launch-pad for Perth theatre writers, directors and performers, the ampitheatre was a wholly unique but now all but forgotten phenomenon. Now overgrown and derelict, this documentary brings this Perth icon back to life by exploring the personalities that inhabited this special place nestled in Perth’s foothills.

With intimate interviews with Perth’s theatre legends and those in the know, this simple film might be low-fi in nature but the message is resonant – especially for everyone ever involved in Rev or in the encouragement of alternative arts and opinions in WA.

For us there’s a kindred spirit here – and a continuum. Come and be part of it.

Sat 4th July, 1:45pm – Luna Leederville
Sat 11th July, 4pm – Paradiso (New session just added!)

Sun 12th July, 12 noon – Luna SX


When My Sorrow Died



Persian-Armenian Armen Ra is a true master of the Theremin, his delicate hands hovering overt the instrument to create a music that is ethereal, evocative, uncanny and utterly beautiful. Armen Ra is a charismatic, enigmatic figure, and his performances – whether before the United Nations or supporting Grinderman – have astonished and moved audiences with their magical power. He has recorded with Marc Almond, Current 93 and Sharon Needles.

Robert Nazar Arjoyan’s multi-award winning documentary features interviews with the performanceser and friends such as Amanda Lepore and Patricia Field, which explore his childhood, his musical inspirations, and his relationship to New York club culture. These engaging interviews are intercut with awe-inspiring footage of Ra performing.

When My Sorrow Died is a film as unique and beautiful as its subject.

Sat 4th July, 4:15pm – Paradiso
Sun 5th July, 12noon – Luna SX
Fri 10th July, 6:15pm – Luna Leederville (Limited tickets)
Sat 11th July, 3:30PM – Luna SX

When My Sorrow Died
When My Sorrow Died


Link to website:    Revelation Film Festival



Revelation also includes a unique Academic component (introduced in 2012), industry discussion sessions, live performances, masterclasses, visual art exhibitions and other hybrid activity generated by the event or independent curators. Revelation always welcomes independently curated or initiated programs and ideas and actively embraces creative professional development and mentoring opportunities.

It sees over 500 films submitted for selection from local and international filmmakers and features world and Australian premiere films of all genres. It has a particularly strong representation in experimental and documentary films.

Please note all information correct at time of publishing but Seasons Online can not be held responsible for changes in scheduling.
Please refer to the Revelation Film Festival website before planning or booking tickets.


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