Submission Guidelines

We welcome article submissions and pitches for articles as well as ideas for articles here at Seasons Online.

Please refer to the page entitled “Article Submissions” for more information about the type of articles we are looking for.   There is also a form there for you to submit your work.  There is a link to it here- Article Submissions.

If you have any questions you can email us at

Please keep all text pieces to a maximum of 1000 words and photos to accompany an article to a maximum of 4 photos.

Photo gallery submissions are to be kept at a maximum of 20 photos.  This is for photos to be used in our ‘Photos Out and About’ section.
(Any other creative photography should be submitted to our Creative Notebook.)
Please note: If you have more than 10 photos you will have to submit 2 forms.
If you submit photos please ensure they are small size jpegs (500kbs) and 72 dpi.

If you submit an article or photo gallery please note that your full name will be published unless you tell us otherwise.

ORIGINAL WORK ONLY.   By submitting to this website you are agreeing with this clause.

If your submission has appeared elsewhere please let us know.

It is the writer’s responsibility to ensure that facts are checked and sources are notified if the work is chosen to be published.

If there are accompanying photographs with an article please include a caption for each photo including full names of any people and places.

Seasons Online has the right to edit and correct work as appropriate and as fits our parameters.  If it involves large rewrites we will endeavor to let you know.  If it is spelling and grammar edits or cutting segments as we see fit we reserve the right to do so without further communication.

Unfortunately we cannot promise to get back to everyone who submits work, we will do our best to liaise with you but this may not always be possible.  We also regret that it may take some time for us to be in touch.
You are welcome to send in a pitch (idea) for an article to see if our editorial staff will be interested.

We cannot guarantee that we will use your article or idea on our site.

Please note that if you are giving us an idea for an article that our writers can then research and write about, you will not be credited with that work.

Site Ethos

Seasons Online is a positive and creative space.   We encourage healthy debate and well thought out opinions but we will not tolerate any attitudes of misogyny, misandry, racism, sexism, homophobia or xenophobia.
We encourage differences and diversity in the arts and in life.
We believe this is what makes the world colourful.

Please note that all comments on articles will be monitored and anything that is deemed nasty or offensive will not be tolerated.  However there may be comments that disagree with your point of view or wish to offer a debate, these will be allowed.