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The perfect gift for Mother’s day at Ember Candles

Written by Tania Giorgetta
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Each year on the second Sunday in May we are given the opportunity to honour and thank the person that brought us into the world, the one who nourished us and kept us alive while we were growing and developing and then once we were born, reared us while guiding and caring. Our mums.

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for mums around Australia including Ellen Nicholls and Marlene Emmett, the ladies behind Ember Candles, a gorgeous candle shop in Guildford, Western Australia.   They are both mothers to two grown up children and acknowledge that Mother’s Day is a time to rest and be with your family.

That’s why they have made some exquisite candles for this special day.

Ellen Nicholls and Marlene Emmett in the beautiful shop
Ellen Nicholls and Marlene Emmett in the beautiful shop at 46 East St, Guildford. WA.

The Ember range of candles are all natural, long lasting, made here in WA and high quality. The candles are made using natural waxes opposed to paraffin wax which is a by-product of the petro chemical industry.

This means that they burn cleaner, last longer and don’t give off any dangerous or offensive odours.

The Mother’s day range at Ember Candles consists of specially made and labelled glass pots which are $16.95 and would be a fantastic gift for any mum, Grandma or Mother figure. There are also oil burners, candle holders cast with copper and gold leaf, décor balls, sparkling candle sticks, heart shaped candles, oil diffusers, the silver rose collection, the stunning driftwood candles, the Indigenous packs inspired by the natural Australian bush and DIY candle making kits for the more crafty mums out there.

Copper beauty
Copper beauty

There really is a candle for every Mother and every budget and Ellen and Marlene offer a personal, friendly service which will ensure you choose the right candle for your needs and know the best way to look after it.

“There is a warning label on all candles that says you must not burn them for more than 4 hours at a time,” Ellen points out. “There is a reason for that, and that is that all candles have a flashpoint. That means there is a chance they can get too hot, if left for too long, and possibly ignite. Not will but can.” Ellen clarifies.

“All candles can ignite if left for too long. You are supposed to extinguish them after 4 hours, allow them to cool down and then relight them if need be.”

Another tip is “not to let candles burn all the way down. There is a metal tab that holds the wick in place” Ellen explains, “this can get too hot and crack the glass or holder if the candle is allowed to burn all the way down.”

Apart from beautiful candles, diffusers and oil burners, people can also purchase gorgeous Mother’s Day cards in the shop which are handmade locally.

And it’s not all about Mother’s Day in Ember Candles, there is also a range of new baby candles; congratulating new parents and welcoming babies into the world. There is also a very popular range of odour neutralising candles which cancel out the unpleasant smells associated with pets, tobacco and kitchens.

Odour Neutralising candles
Odour Neutralising candles

“If customers give us a few days notice we can also print custom made candles for Mother’s day,” the ladies tell us. We can print a photo of a person’s mother or grandmother onto a candle pot or we can include a personal message. Please get in touch to discuss the details. (Link at bottom of post)

Most people agree that Mums are pretty amazing. They give us life, love and air. They teach us how to live and they teach us how to function. In a lot of cases they are the light of our lives.

So maybe it’s time to pop into the Ember Candles shop in Guildford, choose a perfect Mother’s day gift and give the gift of light back to your mum this Mother’s Day.


Seasons Online and Ember Candles hope you have a wonderful day on Sunday the 8th of May with the special ladies in your life.


Please see our gallery below for more beautiful candles from the Ember Candles range.

Ember Candles – 46 East Street, Guildford WA
Phone: (08) 9379 0463


For more information about Ember Candles please see their website-  Ember Candles


For more on Ellen’s story and how Ember Candles came about please read our story here.


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