The Vines Resort and Golf Course

The Vines Resort: more than just a golf course.

Written by Tania Giorgetta
Photos by Tania Giorgetta

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A few weeks ago if you had asked me about The Vines Resort, the first word that would have sprung to mind would be golf.

For a non-golfer like myself, The Vines Resort is arguably WA’s most famous golf course, and it has proudly held that title for many years.

So when a few girlfriends suggested we do a weekender at The Vines recently, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that The Vines is actually a great mini-break destination and you can actually forget it is home to a golf course if you so desire.

The Novotel Vines Resort is comfortably nestled in the Swan Valley, about a 40 minute drive from the Perth CBD.   Close enough to slip away for a meal or even a night, but far enough to feel like you have actually escaped the city.  Perfect.

Rolling lawns
Green lawns and rolling lawns

The Vines Resort is made up of 2 types of accommodation; self-contained villas which come in 2 or 3 bedroom configurations or hotel rooms which are closer to the main restaurant and bar areas.

There are 3 eating establishments available;  The Vines Café and Bar which I discovered does a great Espresso Martini,  The Greenside Café which focuses on snacks and light beverages and Muscats Restaurant which is their fine dining option.

Seafood buffet at Muscats
Seafood buffet at Muscats

The beauty of a resort being a part of a golf course is that there is perfectly mowed luscious green lawn everywhere and wide open spaces. Walking about the resort, we spotted kangaroos, colourful birds, fish and frogs.  The rolling hills and greenery are interspersed with lakes and fountains giving it a luxurious feel.   There are pedestrian paths winding their way through the villas and sandbanks.

There is golf of course if that’s your thing.  You can hire the gear and the buggy’s and have a hit or 10. I honestly can’t comment on the golf because apart from seeing a few sticks and bodies walking around out on the hills we really didn’t have much to do with that side of the resort.  (Sticks…. Or is it clubs?  See that’s how much I know about the sport…..)
Did I mention the Espresso Martinis!?

Espresso Martini number 3
Espresso Martini number 3

The fenced pool area is inviting and calm.  You can play giant chess if you please or simply lounge back on the recliners.

Keishi Day Spa takes up residence at one end with two large white wicker egg chairs marking the entrance.  The day spa was completely booked for the weekend we were there so we learnt it pays to book ahead.

The Pool at The Vines
The Pool at The Vines

The Hotel itself which comprises of 103 rooms is built around a mini vineyard and has a Scandinavian feel to it.  The weatherboard walls and natural wood add to the quaint ski lodge atmosphere but in contrast the inside of the rooms are modern and bright.

One of the best things about a stay at The Vines is that you are only a short drive away from all the wonderful wineries, breweries and produce shops of the Swan Valley.

The Swan Valley is often forgotten and overlooked by many Perthites, we tend to venture off to visit her counterparts down south and holiday amongst the noted wineries and abundance that is Margaret River and the South West region.  The Swan Valley has always been like the little sister, you know she’s there but you don’t tend to pay her too much attention.

Well, I think the time has come to realise that the little sister has grown up.  The Swan Valley now boasts award winning restaurants, interesting wineries, quirky shops and other artistic type businesses.  My friends and I ventured out one day and had a wonderful time at Providore; the smallgoods and condiments experience, Mandoon Estate Winery and the Margaret River Chocolate Company.

Providore produce
Providore produce

The next day The Vines “Sunday Roast and Red” lunch in the café was the perfect antidote to a few too many wine tastings.

At the moment The Vines has many different accommodation packages creatively marketed around the Seven Deadly Sins so there is something for the sinner in all of us.

I was pleasantly surprised by my girls’ weekend and will definitely be returning to this little oasis less than an hour from home.

Next time someone mentions ‘The Vines Resort’, I won’t think of golf but rather of rolling hills, a huge sparkling pool and wineries on your doorstep.  That’s my kind of resort.



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The Novotel Vines Resort website is here:  

The Vines Resort


Have you stayed at The Vines? 
What were your thoughts? 


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