Why you should always work on your friendships.

Written by Alex Williams

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Alex Williams
Alex Williams


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It seems many people these days are busy living, working and earning money. A lot of people don’t have enough time to enjoy the fruits of their labour, let alone the company of their friends.

We are all under a lot of pressure from work, stressed out because of money and bills, busy with partners, family and children.  It feels like we barely have time for ourselves.

Our friends can be an important part of our life as they allow us to engage with people outside of our immediate circles and they can offer a new perspective, a shoulder to cry on, or even just someone to laugh with.

In order to have a fulfilling and healthy life, it is important to establish and maintain friendships.

Here are some ideas for ways to spend more time with your friends:

Work Out Together

A proven way to manage stress is through exercising. But why do it alone? Make an arrangement with a friend or two, meet in the park, gym or a yoga studio and spend some quality time together while exercising. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone – working out for a healthy body and catching up with your friends for a healthy mind. Another fun aspect of this kind of hanging out is that you can arrange an “after party” and have a delicious smoothie or a cup of coffee afterwards with your bestie.

Have Fun Outside

You do not always have to hang out at the bar or somebody’s home. Go outside for a change and get in touch with nature. You can arrange a fun hike through the woods or have a relaxing picnic in the park. Another possibility is arranging a fun scavenger hunt modernized with technology or go on a shopping trip at a local market. Spice up the friendship a bit, gain some new experiences and make amazing memories. Not only will you maintain a beautiful lifelong connection with someone, but you get to forget about work and your other problems for at least one day.

Movie Night

There are probably plenty of movies you have been postponing because you don’t want to watch them alone. Hosting a movie night is a perfect opportunity to watch the latest movies or to relive some timeless classics. Have your best friends gather at your house, have everyone bring some snacks and drinks (or provide these yourself)  and sit down and relax with a good movie and a chat. To get the best cinema feeling, try hosting a movie themed party and watching a classic trilogy or some of the best classics from your childhood for even more fun and quality bonding.


Girl’s/Boy’s Night

Sometimes, we all get tired of the opposite sex. There are those days where we just want to hang out with people of our own ‘species!’
On these occassions you could gather your boys or girls and spend the night doing the things you love to do together. Have a chat with your girlfriends over some dinner and wine or treat yourselves with some beauty treatments at home or at a relaxing spa.
For the menfolk, you may want to gather your mates and spend the night watching a movie or sport over some drinks and snacks. You could play a game like cards or pool and have a chat about life or perhaps don’t talk at all. Whatever suits you best. There are no limits when you’re with friends.

Get together for some drinks

Yes, that’s right. Nothing like  a drink or two to help us relax after a long day. Take a trip down a memory lane and get together at someone’s house just drinking or playing some drinking games from your teenage years. Make some cocktails, or simply sip a cold beer over a BBQ and share your latest news with your buddies. You can even talk about your problems over a drink and get that load off of your chest. It’s always nice to have someone listen to you, even if they are a little tipsy.


It is difficult to go through life alone. Humans are social creatures and we all need support at times and a sounding board to help us navigate this adventure of life.
Our friends help us go through tough times and they help us celebrate our happy achievements.

Don’t be the person who forgets your friends because you are tired, busy or can’t be bothered.

One day you may turn around and wonder what happened to your mates.
Friendships, like all relationships, need time and love to help them to grow.

It is true, a friendship should be easy and should progress without pressure but you still have to put time in, as you do with all the special relationships and people in your life.

So, gather your friends regularly, talk often, treat them with respect and make your life happier and healthier with your tribe by your side.



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